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Glittering Dye Bottle

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Inventory icon of Candy Jar

2 × 2
Stack: 100

This was floating in your Fractal Well. Use it to receive one Glittering Dye Ampoule.


Expires in 7 days real-time

Methods to Obtain



Fade Sequences starts a single color, fades into another, then returns to the initial color. Fade Sequences has colors in between that should not be listed. Simply list the first and last colors.
Pattern Sequences repeat a sequence of colors over and over.
  • Fixed Color Dye Ampoule (Flashy)
    • Black to Green (Slow Fade)
    • Black, Green, Yellow (Slow)
    • Black to Cyan (Slow Fade or Pattern)
    • Black and Yellow (Back and Forth)
    • Black to Tan (Slow)
    • Black to White (Slow)
    • Blue to Black
    • Blue to Dark Green (Slow Fade)
    • Blue and Yellow (Back and Forth)
    • Cyan to Black (Slow Fade)
    • Cyan to Orange (Slow Fade)
    • Dark Green to White (Very Slow)
    • Green to Black (Slow Fade)
    • Green, Orange
    • Green, Orange, Red
    • Grey to Lime Green to Magenta
    • Lime Green to Neon Blue (Slow)
    • Lime Green to White (Slow Fade)
    • Magenta to White (Slow)
    • Neon Blue to Black
    • Neon Green and Black (Back and Forth)
    • Orange to Black (Slow)
    • Orange to White (Slow Fade)
    • Pink to Black (Slow Fade)
    • Pink to Blue to Cyan (Slow)
    • Pink to Yellow (Slow)
    • Pink to White (Slow Fade)
    • Purple to Black (Slow)
    • Purple to White (Slow Fading Pulse)
    • Red to Black (Slow Fade or Pattern)
    • Red and Black (Back and Forth)
    • Red to Pink (Slow Fade)
    • White to Cyan (Slow)
    • White to Dark Red (Slow Fade)
    • White to Green (Slow Fade)
    • Yellow, Light Yellow, Pink (Slow)
    • Yellow to Orange (Slow)
    • Yellow to White (Slow)