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Buckets of Color Event

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The Buckets of Color Event Advertisement
For similar events, see Homestead Candy Tree Growing Event.
March 5th, 2014 – March 18th, 2014


With spring just around the corner, it's time to clear out your old wardrobe and try on something chic. Caravan Joe, Erinn's fashion connoisseur, has just received a new shipment of Homestead Fractal Wells, perfect for mining dyes and giving your drab old clothes a splash of color!

Buckets of Color Event
From March 5th - March 18th, head to Dunbarton and speak to Caravan Joe to get started. He'll give you a complimentary Homestead Fractal Well, which you can install in your homestead (note: can only be applied to Level 3 homesteads or above). Once your well is all set up, you can use it to pull up a Glittering Dye Bottle from the depths of the earth. Use it to add some color to your clothes and other cloth items, and lift your spirits in the process! Each Bottle lasts for seven days and will give you a random Fixed Color Dye Ampoule when opened.

Note: Fixed Color Dye Ampoules can only be applied to cloth items.

Oh, Well!
During the event period, you can use the Homestead Fractal Well to retrieve one Glittering Dye Bottle per day. For 99[sic] Pon you can purchase a Magical Fractal Well, which will grant you up to four randomized Glittering Dye Bottles per day. That's a lot of paint!

Home Improvements
If all this weren't awesome enough, during the event all homestead objects will be on sale for half price and installation times for farm objects will be reduced. It's time to get to work, handymen and handywomen! Let's get cracking.


  • Log in during the event to receive the quest Fractal Well.
  • Speak to Caravan Joe located at Dunbarton's Unicorn Statue to receive a Homestead Fractal Well and a Glittering Dye Bottle.
  • Plant the Fractal Well in your Homestead.
    • Your homestead must be level 3 or higher in order to install the Fractal Well.
    • Using Bare Hands, a Glittering Dye Bottle can be gathered from the well every day, resetting at 12:00am PDT100.
  • You may also purchase the Magic Fractal Well in the Construction List's Product List for 200 Pons (100 Pons due to discount).
    • This well contains 4 Glittering Dye Bottles per day, resetting at 12:00am PDT100.
    • There is a limit of 3 Magic Fractal Wells per homestead.
  • Partners may help gather from both wells.
  • Lucky Bonus may apply.
  • Glittering Dye Bottles can still be gathered after the event ends[2].
  • During this event, the required time to build homestead crop items is decreased to 10% of their normal time and Pons on all items can be purchased for half price.


[[[Template:DataFractal Well|edit]]]
Fractal Well
How to Get Quest

Log in during the The Buckets of Color Event.

Briefing Caravan Joe has a gift for you! Talk to him to find out more.
  • 10000 Experience Points
  • 1000 Gold
Additional Information


Glittering Dye Bottle

Fade Sequences starts a single color, fades into another, then returns to the initial color. Fade Sequences has colors in between that should not be listed. Simply list the first and last colors.
Pattern Sequences repeat a sequence of colors over and over.
  • Fixed Color Dye Ampoule (Flashy)
    • Black to Green (Slow Fade)
    • Black, Green, Yellow (Slow)
    • Black to Cyan (Slow Fade or Pattern)
    • Black and Yellow (Back and Forth)
    • Black to Tan (Slow)
    • Black to White (Slow)
    • Blue to Black
    • Blue to Dark Green (Slow Fade)
    • Blue and Yellow (Back and Forth)
    • Cyan to Black (Slow Fade)
    • Cyan to Orange (Slow Fade)
    • Dark Green to White (Very Slow)
    • Green to Black (Slow Fade)
    • Green, Orange
    • Green, Orange, Red
    • Grey to Lime Green to Magenta
    • Lime Green to Neon Blue (Slow)
    • Lime Green to White (Slow Fade)
    • Magenta to White (Slow)
    • Neon Blue to Black
    • Neon Green and Black (Back and Forth)
    • Orange to Black (Slow)
    • Orange to White (Slow Fade)
    • Pink to Black (Slow Fade)
    • Pink to Blue to Cyan (Slow)
    • Pink to Yellow (Slow)
    • Pink to White (Slow Fade)
    • Purple to Black (Slow)
    • Purple to White (Slow Fading Pulse)
    • Red to Black (Slow Fade or Pattern)
    • Red and Black (Back and Forth)
    • Red to Pink (Slow Fade)
    • White to Cyan (Slow)
    • White to Dark Red (Slow Fade)
    • White to Green (Slow Fade)
    • Yellow, Light Yellow, Pink (Slow)
    • Yellow to Orange (Slow)
    • Yellow to White (Slow)