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Halloween Envoy

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Halloween... A day of restless souls, returned to the land of the living... I come... to share the blessings of Halloween with you...


—Halloween Envoy

Portrait of Halloween Envoy
Halloween Envoy
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Event Helper
Location Dunbarton (Unicorn Statue)


The Halloween Envoy, also known as the Halloween Messenger, hosts the Halloween Event. She sells Spooky Halloween Feathers and Holy Pumpkin Candies in stacks of 1 or 10.

Contrary to the initial items received in the quest, the candy sold in her shop expires after a certain amount of time.


Item Price (g)
Spooky Halloween Feather x 1 500g
Spooky Halloween Feather x 10 5,000g
Holy Pumpkin Candy x 1 500g
Holy Pumpkin Candy x 10 5,000g

Halloween Envoy's Equipment