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Category:Hard Mode Dungeons

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If you are not sufficiently trained, then I strongly suggest you not step foot in this place.
- Ranald -



Some dungeons have another lobby behind their normal lobby. This second lobby and altar is for the Hardmode Dungeon. You can tell if there is a hardmode version of a dungeon by entering the normal lobby and checking the minimap; there will be an arrow pointing to the hardmode lobby.


  • Players who wish to enter the Hard Mode dungeons must have at least a Cumulative Level of 250.
    • Players playing as pets cannot enter the dungeon.
  • Players under total level 250 are able to "sneak" into Hardmode Lobbies with players of correct level via mount, but are still unable to enter the dungeon.
  • Just like a normal dungeon, any pass of that dungeon can be dropped onto the hardmode altar (including any item that can be dropped) to enter the hardmode version. This does not include beginner and event dungeons, or boss trial passes.
  • Items used to enter dungeons are similar to passes; the dungeon cannot be entered again using the same pass.
    • This means that whatever reason one party member leaves the dungeon, using the same item that was dropped will produce a new dungeon.
  • A maximum of 4 player can enter into hard mode dungeons.
    • This restriction is waived for Rundal Siren.
  • The difficulty of hardmode dungeons can be much harder than the regular Advanced versions.
    • Because of this, it is highly recommended that a player brings a party along.

Duncan's Call

When the character reaches cumulative level 250, a quest labeled "Duncan's Call" will immediately be dispatched, requesting the player to speak to Duncan. He will mention about a "back door" behind Alby, Ciar, and Rundal, which is said to have extremely powerful monsters.

Monster and Equipment Specific

  • Hardmode monsters have increased Aggro, HP, Defense, Protection, damage, and they give more EXP.
    • Hardmode monsters tend to have 3~5x the HP of their normal counterpart.
    • However their AI is still the same as their normal counterpart.
      • The exception to this are Rats and Bats, who are known to aggro aggressively.
    • Some hardmode monsters may have Passive Defense that their normal counterpart may not have.
  • Hardmode monsters do not differ in name, and are similar in appearance to their normal versions; Although some have their color and size changed.
    • For example, the average Rat seen in a hardmode dungeon appears much larger than in a regular dungeon.
  • Hardmode monsters that drop equipment now drop the 'Vintage' version of it. Vintage items can also be obtained from the end chest of the dungeon as well.
    • Example: Alby Advanced Hardmode dungeon's Arachne drops Vintage Goggle Cap.
      • Of course, this does not apply to all equipment drop from monsters in hardmode.
  • Hardmode monsters may also drop better or improve items that their normal counterpart drops but can still drop the same item and grade as their normal counterpart.
  • Hardmode Dungeon tend to drop rare items and enchants at the end chest that cannot be obtained anywhere else.


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