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Passive Defense

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You may have been looking for Auto Defense.

Basic Information

Passive Defense, often referred as "PD" or "Passives" by players, is the general term for the ability to reduce the damage received from an attack by a percentage without using the Defense skill.

Types of Passive Defenses

Heavy Stander

Heavy Stander reduces the damage received from all Melee, Fighter, and Puppetry skills, as well as Dischord and Flash Launcher.

  • Auto Defense rate is not 100%, but dependent on the rank of Heavy Stander.

Mana Deflector

Mana Deflector reduces the damage received from all Magic and Alchemy skills, as well as Gold Strike.

Natural Shield

Natural Shield reduces the damage received from all Archery and most Dual Gun skills, as well as Throwing Attack and Gold Strike and the damage over time from Puppet's Snare and Meteor Strike. The Dual Gun Skill Flash Launcher is affected by Heavy Stander instead.


Once a passive defense is activated:

  • The damage received is permanently reduced by a certain percentage, regardless of whether or not Auto Defense activates.
    • The attack must correspond to the Passive Defense in order for the damage to be reduced (e.g. Natural Shield will have no affect on the damage done by Smash).
    • Additionally, for Heavy Stander, when its Auto Defense activates, the damage received is reduced by half, after calculating defensive stats and Heavy Stander's passive damage reduction.
    • The draining portion of Life Drain, Wings of Rage, and the impact of Meteor Strike completely ignores all aspects of Passive Defenses.
  • The value added to the Knockdown Gauge is reduced by a certain percentage.
    • It is still possible for a knock back/knock down to occur if either:
      1. A skill that automatically knocks down the target is used (e.g. Smash, Magnum Shot, etc.)
      2. The Knockdown Gauge is full/nearly full when the target is hit.

Monster Passive Defenses

A monster with Mana Deflector activated upon impact.

Monsters can naturally have anywhere from zero to all three passive defenses. In addition to this, there are three levels that each monster passive defense can have: Level 1, 2 or 3.

  • Level 1 results in a low reduction in damage (0%~10%) and has an Auto Defense rate of 10%.
  • Level 2 results in a large reduction in damage (10%~60%) and has an Auto Defense rate of 50%.
  • Level 3 results in damage being reduced to 1 and an Auto Defense rate of 50%.
  • Even though a monster may have level 3 passive defenses, it doesn't mean that the monster cannot be attacked at all.
    • For Mana Deflector and Natural Shield, the Auto Defense rate is 100% for all three levels.

A player should be adequately prepared when fighting a monster with Passive Defenses.

Player Passive Defenses

For players, the only way to gain passive defenses is through Transformations.

  • Dark Knights and Beasts will always have all three passive defenses activate.
  • Falcons and Paladins randomly have anywhere from one to all three passive defenses activate.