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Heart Points

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Heart Points are shown under the 'Character' window, under the 'Additional Info' Tab.

An account that has characters that are each under a total level of 30 will receive 5 X Red Heart Stickers after 7AM PST real time during login. They decide who to give them to by right clicking the heart point and entering a user's name that has helped them in their journey.

Red Heart Stickers will expire after 24 hours; received yellow ones stay for as long as you do not use them.

If the current amount of points are above 100, they will decrease by 3 daily, at 7AM PST real time.


The heart effect caused by the 'Courteous' suffix title.
  • Received from using a Yellow Heart Sticker.
  • Used to obtain the Courteous title prefix once you have 100 heart points.
  • This title prefix is similar to the Dan title prefixes, but it can be added to any suffix title.
    • Although it seems like a post-suffix title from observation, you may not use a Dan title at the same time because both are still considered prefixes.
  • Like the Dan titles, equipping it has no effect on stats. It does, however, cause small hearts to trail beside or behind the wearer.
  • Points must be maintained to keep the title equipped - heart points decrease 3 points per real life day, after obtaining 100+ points.
    • You do not continue to lose Heart Points if your points decrease below 100.
      • You will continue to lose them, however, if you do not log in the next day. (Subtracts three points every day from when you are over 100, but will continue to decline below 97 points if you do not log in; e.x. 100 points on day one, skipping day two, and logging in on day 3 will have 94 points.)