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Altruist System

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For the system that rewards players with a title for helping beginners, see Heart Points.


Ever been lost on a quest and needed just a bit of information? Are you a Mabinogi expert and want to lend a helping hand to your fellow Milletians? The Altruism Quest Board is a new resource to help players connect and share information. The more you help out, the higher your ranking! A high rank unlocks a special Journal entry and a unique effect on you[sic] characters. -Update Website[1]


[Guide] Don't You Need Help, Meow?

How to Get Quest

Complete the Beginner Quests (Lorna and Pan) up to "Strange Signs" to begin Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess.

Briefing Meow. Nice to meet you! Do you sometimes need help when you are questing? If you give me something I like, I'll tell you something very useful, meow... By the way, I am at Tir Chonaill!
-Strange Cat-
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • Access to the Altruist System
  • Packaged Food
Additional Information

The player will receive a Box from an Owl in their inventory upon completing "Strange Signs." This is the item that the Weird Cat wants, although the player can choose to open the box nonetheless. Opening the box does not prevent the cat from informing the player about the Altruist System, but it will reward them with the Packaged Food early.


  • The Altruist System is a system that allows players of all levels to receive help on quests from other players.
  • To receive help or give help, a player must first open their quest log and press the "Help!" button in the upper-right corner.
    • This button will not appear unless certain conditions are first met. Completing the guide quest given by the Weird Cat will allow this button to appear for players, for example.
    • The Altruism Quest Board does not automatically update, and needs to be refreshed from time-to-time.
  • Petitioners can ask up to 3 Altruists to come support during a quest.
    • Altruists may help in any way and are not required to do anything in particular. This means Petitioners can still receive help on solo quests from Altruists other ways, for example in the form of Potion Making or Catering.
    • Requests will have a time limit of 5 minutes before timing out.
  • A special conversation messenger will open for Petitioners and Altruists who use the Altruist System.
    • The conversation messenger window must remain open during the entire time until the quest is completed. While the window can be minimized, attempting to close the window will effectively stop the Altruist System for either the Petitioner or the Altruist.
      • To close the window early to quit the request or aid, press the "End" button at the bottom-right.
        • There is no penalty for either party for quitting early.
    • The Petitioner may use a feature called the "Altruist Search" located at the top of this window to search for active Altruists on the server.
    • Altruists may use a feature called the "Location Search" located at the top of this window to search for their Petitioner on the Mini Map.
      • The Petitioner must be on the same channel.
      • The Petitioner will show up on the World Map if they are not on the same map. Map Icon Altruist System Locator.png
  • One Altruist cannot help multiple Petitioners at the same time, as the game will only allow one Altruist messenger window open at a time.
    • This also means a Petitioner can only ask for help with one quest at a time.
  • Completing quests will reward Altruists with points in the Altruist system.
    • Quests that do not automatically complete will need to be completed in the quest window before the Altruist can receive points from the Petitioner. If the Altruist leaves beforehand no points will be rewarded.
    • Once a quest is completed properly, it is safe to close the conversation window by pressing "End." Doing so gives neither party the chance to say goodbye, so do so ahead of time.
    • Each unique Petitioner may only reward each unique Altruist a set of points once per day, resetting at 12:00am PST100.
  • Certain quests are not eligible for the Altruist System.
    • This includes all repeatable quests, including the Daily Quests and Apostle Daily and Weekly quests.
    • This also includes certain guide quests like the Festia guide quest, but not others like the Homestead guide quest.
  • Returning or New Beginner players can reward extra Altruist points when completing their petitioned quests.
    • A 10-second window will open up upon automatically or manually completing a quest and the window will ask the Petitioner to effectively rate the performance of their Altruists by allowing them to reward up to 5 points.
  • One can disable altruist requests by talking to the Weird Cat in Duncan's house. This can be done once per Erinn day. Journal and altruism scores will remain unchanged.


File:Altruist System Rank 1 Glow.png
Glow effect for Altruists ranked 1-3
Glow effect for Altruists ranked 4-6
Glow effect for Altruists ranked 7-10
  • Altruists who complete requests will earn Altruist System points and score.
    • Points decay over time while score remains permanent.
  • The top 10 players on a server in the Altruist system receive special effects around their player.
    • Placements 1-3 receive the most elaborate effect, followed by placements 4-6, and followed lastly by placements 7-10.
    • In the case of a tie, all players that share the placement in question will receive the effect.
  • In addition, players can earn two unique Journal entries for participating in the Altruist System:
Altruist System Journal Accomplishments
Name Unlock Requirement Points
A Fairy Appears! Help beginning or returning players 50 times 10
Petition Watch Perform well as an altruist of the Altruism Quest Board 20


  • The player may temporarily lose access to the Altruist System after completing the guide quest; relogging or changing channels will fix this issue.


  • If the player is no longer receiving Beginner's Benefits, the Weird Cat will also instruct them on how to accept requests from other players.
  • The game hints to the player that the box is the item that someone would want; in fact, the Weird Cat only wants the box to play in.