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High Gathering Speed Potion

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Boosts your gathering speed for 5 minutes. Faster gathering speed consumes Stamina points more quickly.

Icon of High Gathering Speed Potion
Size: 1 x 1
Stack: 1
General Information
Name High Gathering Speed Potion Resell Value 0 G
Sold By Item Shop (400 NX)
Obtained By
Consumable Yes Toxicity 0
Effect Increases your gathering speed and Stamina consumption rate for five minutes.
Potion Making Information
This potion cannot be created with Potion Making.

General Information

  • The speed of any gathering process which involves a skill is raised while this potion is in effect.
  • Also called "Gathering Speed Booster Potion" in some messages.
  • The potion ignores any collection speed increases by upgrades.