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Portrait of FionnaitFile:Fionnait.png
Race Deer
Gender Female
Occupation Fynni Pet Merchant and Healer
Location Mag Mell
Repair Tailor Repairs,
Blacksmith Repairs,
Magical Weapon Repairs, 95%


A spotted deer wearing a wreath made of fresh flowers in full bloom. She sits peacefully under a gleaming lamp, calmly gazing upward. Her soft eyes are full of curiosity, bespeaking an intellect far greater than a mere animal.

Fionnait is a deer whose job is to offer hospitality and guidance to those who visit Mag Mell, as well as to protect the shrinking land from those who would do it harm. As a result of travelers visiting, Fionnait also serves as a merchant and a healer.

She will purchase up to 30 Fynni Pet Whistles created through Fynni Blossoming each real-life day per account, rewarding the player with Gold and Gold-Leaf Pine Cones. Afterwards, she will only reward Gold-Leaf Pine Cones until the next day. This resets at 7:00am PDT100.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Mission Passes expire in 7 days and allow for one trade. The price fluctuates based on the number of passes being sold on each channel. i.e Multiple passes sold on the same channel will decrease the price in increments of 50k until the pass reaches 100k each for everyone. Price resets daily at 12AM in-game.


  • The name Fionnait is a female variant of the name Fionn, both roughly meaning white or fair-haired. They are often anglicized into Fiona and Finn respectively.
    • Fianait, an Irish name very similar name to Fionnait, means Deer.
  • The wreath Fionnait wears was woven by Fleur on behalf of the fairy queen Siora. It was awarded to her for being deemed "the most graceful deer."
  • Fionnait can give the player the MabiNovel Collection Book All About Pet Training.
  • Fionnait has the model of a Rose Wreath Spotted Deer.
    • Her model is bigger than that of the pet.
  • Fionnait describes the Fynni Blossoming process "like honey welling up from a spring," according to Pinkie.
  • Fionnait will admit to Pet characters that she and everyone in Mag Mell are wary of humans.
  • Fionnait reuses Arzhela's theme music "Dull of Dusty Memories".