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How Am I Going to Survive Like This?

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How Am I Going to Survive Like This?[1]
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The story of the event that occurred while the Sealstone in Emain Macha was being destroyed

Obtain From Aeira
Price 1000
Tradability Untradable
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How am I going to make a living?
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- How am I going to make a living? -
By Gahlord

Okay, so this story takes place a while back. I had been selling items by travelling back and forth to Dunbarton and Emain Macha, and one day, the road closed because apparently something big happened. It's tough enough going back and forth by myself, but I also had items to carry, so that was really tough. I mean, what could I do? I wasn't the only one that couldn't go there...

But then, when I heard the whole story, it wasn't just that something big had happened... it was literally a big thing blocking the road. The road was blocked not by nature, but by force. Seal... something. Seal Stone? Whenever I go there, I see this weird message popping up, and that message is supposed to be stating the requirements to remove the stone. When I heard that, I almost lost it. I mean, I'm a busy man. Is this some kind of a joke? Because I am way too busy or something like this.

In any case, after a while, some scientists from the 왕립 마법학회 have made their way to the Seal Stone to investigate, then eliminate it. From what I hear, it happens pretty often; it's just that I have encoutered it for the first time in my life. Since I am a traveling merchant with connections here and there, it's not hard for me to get the information I need on this, so I asked around to see what that's really about. ...They all seem to give up on it! It happens so often to them that the only ones that seem to really be interested in the Seal Stones are the scientists. The travelers and adventurers feel that it's their way to prove their power, wisdom, and courage to break the Seal Stones, so they put a lot of value in breaking them, but as for us... it's just a few days of having no business.

Anyway, a lot of people seem to have a problem this. Since the Seal Stone creates a lot of blockage in transportation, and since it happened ever so often, even the 마법학회 has assigned people to investigate in this matter. I mean, it's understandable why they did that.

The weird thing is... these 마법학회 have actually never broken the Seal Stone. Everyone knows what that message says, and yet they act like they just discovered the greatest thing in the world, and once they "translate" and explain the message, they just leave. I mean, what the heck? This is why I hate people with smarts... they are satisfied with coming up with theories that don't even work in real life. I can tell, this time, they'll just explain the message that everyone already knows, and "suggest" ways to break it... what do they do with all that magic power, anyway?

Well, they may not have been that dumb afterall. While I was sitting here worried about how to make up for all the business I couldn't do because of that stupid stone, I heard this story from a merchant guild that 왕립 마법학회, after a number of years spent on researching, have finally come up with a spell that'll break any Seal Stone with ease. Why they couldn't come up with it, I don't know, but... I was relieved to know that I'd be able to do business again after a few days.

I had been doing nothing for too long, and I wanted to see that stone break, so I packed my bags and went to the site when 마법학회 made an annoucement that they'll finally break the Seal Stone. I packed up my stuff so that as soon as the stone breaks, I'd be off and running to Emain Macha. You can never be lazy in life, you know.

When I got there first thing in the morning, it was really a sight to see. There were a number of people, dressed in expensive-looking robes, pouring stuff on the stone, putting on some scrolls... they were making a scene out of it. If you really look close, there was a guy who was putting on the scroll on the same spot over and over agian, and there were others just walking around, acting all busy, but really not doing anything... it broke my heart thinking that my well-earned money was going to these guys as taxes, but... what can I do? They promised to break the Stone, and that's what was important, anyway.

Before it was to be busted, I wanted to make sure the rumors were true and so I gently touched the Stone, and... the rumors were true! The message that I have only heard of from others was being told right in my head!

[Only those who have experienced the world and have grown up with it can break the seal.]

Oh, so this is the requirement? Good!

The sun was up now, and there were plenty of spectators ready to see the breaking, so when the wizards felt the time was right, an old, old wizard wearing a ridiculously expensive robe came out and stood in front of the Stone. Looking at him, you could tell he spent his whole life holing up at the corner, studying magic. He looked the part of someone that's very experienced, someone that has grown up on the experience... someone who can break the seal... or at least, that's what I though. People told me he wasn't going to break it himself; he was going to use a spell to break it. The spell apparently figures out the requirements to break the Stone, and breaks it. Well, since they plan on using the spell for future Stone-breaking, so as long as the Stone breaks, I don't have a problem with it.

And now, the magic has started. That really old wizard with a fancy robe drew a magic square on the ground and started mumbling some commands I couldn't understand, then... his hands started lighting up. That was amazing! That's when I realized the wizards/magicians may not be a practical job, but at least they look awesome while at work.

I was thinking that magic is very similar to that of an illusion... when the wizard starting raising his voice, and... in the end, there was light surrounding the Seal Stone, and with a huge explosion, the smoke started coming off the area. It was so loud that my ears started ringing. I had to wave off the smoke just to see what happened to the Stone. I thought to myself, "It's gone! Now I got to make my way to Emain Macha..."

...until I saw the Stone at that spot, still fully erect! Even the wizards seem shocked by it... and the spectaters started complaining about it. I could feel hostility everywhere I looked.

A number of wizards approached the Stone and started investigating it. One of them was even kicking it... how dumb can they get... but then... all the wizards that approached the Stone started going back and gathered up like a bunch of mice, as if they discovered something amazing.

Curious, I approached to the side of the Stone and laid my hand on it. The message rang in my head, and... oh my gosh... I was dumbfounded by what I just heard.

[Only those who have experienced the world and have grown up with it cannot break the seal.]

Cannot??? It was Can only a few minutes ago!! Did the requirements get reversed? From what I know, the requirements never get changed... which means there's one thing... the wizards didn't break the Stone with their spell; they changed the requirements... seriously, oh my gosh. They took all that time to make an elaborate spell and... this is it?? What good are they?

The weird thing is, looking at these wizards, they were celebrating like they just discovered something monumental. They were hugging each other and crying and everything. As if they meant to do that in the first place. The wizard who laid the spell came out and said that "Due to an error in the process of casting a spell, the Stone did not break, but we have discovered something very important from this, so please celebrate this momentous occasion with us." Umm... no...

But then... if they can change the requirements to something that can easily be done, then that'd make it much faster for us to break it and go, right? So I have decided to take it easy on them one more time. Even the wizards seem to have come up with the same conclusion, so they were preparing for another spell...

...That night, I returned to Dunbarton, disappointed at everything that went on that day. Those "wizards" spent the whole day changing the requirements. Not only that, but everytime they changed it, the power of the spell got absorbed by the Seal Stone, and the requirements wound up getting more and more difficult to clear.

I don't know exactly how many times they did it, but they must have realized if they went on, then the Seal Stone would have been unbreakable, so they told us that the next a new Seal Stone appears, they'll test their new spells on it, or something like that... and as for the requirements, it ended up like this.

[Those who achieve more in the same time period may break the seal.]

I couldn't even laugh at that. ...and the next day, like always, the explanations came from the 마법학회.

[...Everyone is given a finite amount of time. Use the time wisely to gain more experience, and only those who spend that time to grow may eventually break the Seal Stone...]

Seriously, you call this an explanation? What good are they...?

Anyway, when will the road to Emain Macha open? I mean, I want to break it myself, but I'm a busy man... ...anyone willing to break it?