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Let Them Fight

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For a quick comparison of shadow missions and difficulties, see Category:Shadow Mission Lists.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.


  • Info: Defeat the enemies.
    • You will be under constant fire from Warship Bombardment.
    • The Zombie Soldiers that spawn in this mission must first be weakened by redirecting the bombardment onto them.
  • The bombardment will only target the party leader until the first set of fields is cleared. From the second onwards, all(?) party members will be targeted at once.
  • Damage taken from the bombardment varies on difficulty.
  • Fields holding enemies will have a nearby lit beacon towards the entrance of the field.
  • After defeating the waves consisting of the Shadow Wizards, the bombardments will cease and the boss will appear at the center of the fields, where the roads converge together.
    • It is not required to defeat the Shadow Wizards present near the Fomor Commander to complete the mission.

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Taillteann
  • Party Size: 1~4
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Mission Details: We've spotted a pack of exceptionally resilient zombies. They haven't joined the front lines yet, but word has spread, and our allies' morale is decreasing. We must do what we can at once. - Andras


A lit beacon indicating monster presence.



Monster Spawn Patterns