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Race Unknown
Gender Female?
Occupation Musician


Loeiz, also spelled as Loraize, Roiace or Loeyze, was Nele's mentor and is a seasoned musician. They are very knowledgeable in all kinds of instruments, and also has researched the history of music in Erinn. Loeiz is a pillar of the school of thought that magical music stains the purity of music.

Nele mentions Loeiz excommunicated him due to an argument about the use of Magical Music. [1]

Loeiz gets in contact with the player multiple times as they train their Musical Knowledge skill.


Loeiz has authored multiple books:


  • This character's name never has been consistently translated.
  • The "An Unremembered Dream" Sidequest implies that Loeiz is female.
  • Loeiz is the Breton variant of the name Lewis.
    • Given the fact revealed in the Arcana Sidequest, it is likely that all NA spellings are wrong and the actual spelling is supposed to be the female variant Louise.