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Wind Instruments: Melodies of the Soul

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Wind Instruments: Melodies of the Soul[1]
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A book that explains woodwind instruments. Read this book carefully to raise the Musical Knowledge skill from D to C.

Obtain From Nele
Price 7500
Tradability Untradable
Effects raise Musical Knowledge from rank D to C
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Crafted Into
Conditions [[Image:Book toggler {{{conditions}}}.png|{{{conditions}}}|link=]]
Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
  • Cannot be placed in Equipment Bags.

- Wind Instruments- The Melody of the Soul -

Written by Loraize

A wind instrument is a hollow wooden pipe and it creates sound by the air blown through the hole.
The pitch of the sound is controlled by covering or opening the holes on the pipe with your fingers.

Some wind instruments use something called a "reed" which is made of thin wood. As the reed vibrates by the air you breath, the sound waves are transferred through the pipe, creating sound.

The tone of the instrument changes significantly depending on whether it uses a reed or not, but they are still categorized as the same type of instrument. Also, sometimes wind instruments are called woodwind instruments because it uses a wooden pipe and a reed.

Compared to string instruments, the range on the wind instrument is very limited, so there are different types of wind instruments that cover a specific range. Generally, the smaller the instrument, it has a higher register and the register gets lower as the instrument gets larger. However, some instruments have a specially designed interior which allows for a low register despite its small and short body.

-From the left, Whistle, Chalumeau, Flute-

These are the types of wind instruments commonly seen around Erinn.


It is a small instrument played vertically. It has a high register and the range is very limited.


This instrument has the most general register. It is made of wood and is used without a reed. You play it holding it up sideways.


It's an instrument played with a reed and it has a low register. You hold it up vertically to play it.