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Macha According to Emain Macha

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Macha According to Emain Macha[1]
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A book from Tarlach. Tarlach wants the notes from the stories on Macha told by the residents of Emain Macha in this book.

Obtain From ask Tarlach about "Macha the Goddess of Destruction" (G3)
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A book from Tarlach. Tarlach wants the notes from the stories on Macha told by the residents of Emain Macha in this book.

The Legend of Macha

Long, long ago, it was before all the Wars and Battles between humans and the Fomors began. Macha was one of the three Badhbh Cath goddesses of war, a beautiful goddess with crimson hair.

Morrighan was the goddess that provided protection for the warriors, and Macha was the goddess that brought the warriors together as one. Macha was the one to provide solace to their hurt spirits. She could read peoples' minds, and she could chase away fears and anxieties that paralyzed peoples' hearts. She excelled in martial arts, so her favorite warriors displayed excellent martial arts skills in battle.

One day, Macha falls in love with a mortal man.
But a goddess is not meant to love a mortal.
The love between an immortal goddess and an imperfect mortal was probably a bad idea to start with.

But she did not want to give up. By becoming a human herself Macha sought to consummate her love. But it is not an easy feat to leave her divine place as a goddess, to become a mere mortal. And it was even more so for Macha, the goddess who could read others' inner thoughts.

She became human, a woman who sacrificed her all for the man that she loves as she awaited to meet with her lover.

But... her wishes were forsaken. The man broke his promise to Macha and married another woman.

Of course Macha already knew that this would happen. She had known that her lover would betray her. But she had told herself that such doubting was in and of itself a betrayal of his love, and entrusted herself to the love of this man, for the sake of the perfect love. She believed that that was the power of mortal love.

Betrayed by her lover, Macha told herself that human love is utterly worthless and fell into deep sorrow and grief until she threw herself into the lake unto the hands of death.

Right before she threw herself into the lake, Macha cursed the world and all of mankind. Her curse remains today in the form of a song. After Macha's death here, this land was afflicted by drought for many years, and not a single fish was caught in the lake. The lake turned crimson, the color of Macha's hair, and the dried up trees could not bear a single fruit.

As people watched the drought overtake the land, they became paralyzed by the fear that Macha's curse would indeed come true.

Since then, Macha was no longer known as the goddess of war, but rather became known as Macha, the goddess of destruction. ...The previous Lord of the manor who had a meritorious distinction from the Battle of Moitura received dominion over this land, and those who were making every effort to undo Macha's curse found a way to use the one lingering attachment that Macha had left in this world.

By naming the city Emain Macha after Macha's name, she was commemorated and was immortalized for future generations to remember her forever. And it was only then, that this place became free of Macha's curse.

However, it seems that her soul has yet to redeem herself from her sorrows. It is said that she disguises herself in the image of a mermaid or a siren and appears once in a while. That may be the reason why the emblem of the city of Emain Macha is a mermaid.

Galvin (Keeper of the Observation Tower)'s Response

  • They say that Macha was a great beauty.
  • Apparently her beauty was comparable to that of Rua.
  • Emain Macha is a beautiful city, on par with Macha's beauty.

James (Church Priest)'s Response

  • Macha was one of three Badhbh Cath goddesses of war.
  • Macha had the ability to read people's thoughts.
  • They say that Macha could manipulate the fears and anxieties of the warriors in battle so it is said that whenever she intervened during battle, warriors are known to act out their mania on the battleground.

Chef Gordan's Response

  • Macha is the goddess of destruction.
  • She is also the goddess that provides solace and comfort to warriors on the battleground.
  • Because of love, she crossed the biggest taboo that a goddess could, and became a mortal.
  • It is amazing that mortals are that beloved, even by the gods themselves.

Agnes (the Healer)'s Response

  • Macha was a goddess but she became human as a result of her love for a mortal man.
  • The mortal man betrayed the goddess and married another mortal woman.
  • Stricken with grief, the goddess cursed mankind and threw herself into the lake unto the hands of death.

Del (Flower Salesman)'s Response

  • They say that the city was named Emain Mach after a goddess who had been betrayed by a mortal.
  • There was a time this place was stricken by a severe drought.
  • They say that the city was renamed Emain Mach and the drought left soon after the city was named after the goddess.

Aodhan (Admiral of the Royal Guard)'s Response

  • After the drought, the previous Lord of the manor became the city's Lord of the manor.
  • The previous Lord had earned a meritorious distinction along with the Grand Wizard, Mores, during the War against the Fomors in the final spell, and for that distinction, was given dominion over the city's estate.
  • The city, Emain Mach was named by the previous Lord of the manor. Emain Mach has enjoyed great prosperity ever since.

Delen (Flower Salesman)'s Response

  • The city's name, Emain Mach means "Macha's incarnation."
  • The city was named after Macha the goddess.
  • The city was named so with the idea that the goddess would not carry out her own curse on a city named after her own name.

Tyron (Trainee)'s Response

  • The goddess left her curse in the form of a song.
  • It is possible that the drought that afflicted this city before being named after the goddess was not related to Macha's curse on mankind afterall. In fact the details of her curse do not correlate directly with the city's drought.
  • I hope that the curse left by the goddess is never carried out.

Nele (Bard)'s Response

  • The goddess' curse, passed on in the form of a song

Dé Danann's warriors on the other side of Heaven

Do you see the world that you have earned
through your blood, your life, your courage?
Soon enough, heaven and earth will be holding hands
in peace and harmony.
There will be strength amongst your men
and new life amongst your women
and amongst your women and men
there will be love.

But such peace will not last forever
as immorality amongst you mortals,
rising from an ungrateful heart, for the things that you have been given,
will start to eat away
the peace, prosperity, strength, life and love of this world.

There shall be no flowers blooming, even in summer.
Trees shall no longer bear any fruit.
There shall be no more fish in the lake.

Women will no longer feel any shame.
And men will lose their strength.
People will no longer trust each other,
in fact, they will begin to hurt each other.

Man will not trust any other man,
and betrayal will spread across the earth.
No longer will there be any trace of virtue left in this world.
Amongst yourselves
you will no longer find any person of courage.
The world as you know shall perish.

The day that your world perishes,
you will grieve just like I am grieving,
and you will feel the despair that I feel.
To you, I bequeath my sorrows.

Aaaaaaaaaaugh, mortal love~
How could it be so worthless?

Archbishop Willow's Response

  • Emain Mach's emblem, the mermaid, was designated with the belief that Macha must have reincarnated as a mermaid.
  • Even though Macha was a goddess of War just like Morrighan she is not as well known, for some strange reason.
  • The tragedy was that a perfect goddess had chosen to love an imperfect mortal.
  • The goddess' curse remains today in the form of a song.

Craig (Captain of Paladin)'s Response

  • Some say that the goddess Macha appears in the form of a siren or a mermaid from time to time.
  • It is possible that this is related to the fact that Emain Mach's emblem is in the image of a mermaid holding a shield.

Ailionoa (Designer)'s Response

  • Macha became a mortal to consummate her love of a mortal even though she was aware of the thoughts of the mortal man.
  • I don't understand this goddess who becomes a mortal, knowing all that they are capable of, then blaming the man's weakness, all to kill herself in the end.

Fraser (Chef's Assistant)'s Responses

  • Macha is the goddess who gave up her divinity for love.
  • The mortal man is to be blamed for forsaking the goddess.
  • It's because of that man that the curse remains.

Lucas (Club Owner)'s Response

  • If you are curious to see just how beautiful Macha was, why don't you go meet Rua.
  • The goddess Macha was driven to place that curse on mankind. It is all because of the mortal man's mistake.

Joceline (Bank Manager)'s Response

  • Women are always forced to countlessly sacrifice themselves for men.
  • I have to say that the Legend of Macha is another example of such sacrifices.

Osla (Weapon Store Owner) 's Response

  • I just don't understand why the goddess would kill herself just because she was betrayed by a man.
  • Aren't there available men everywhere?

Rua's Response

  • The goddess had the ability to read people's thoughts.
  • But she still allowed herself to be betrayed by the man she loves for the sake of love. I think that is simply idiotic.

Shena (Waitress)'s Response

  • I think the goddess' will to believe in the man that she loves, despite the knowledge of what he would do, is quite amazing.
  • What the man did, despite Macha's pureness of heart, was clearly a despicable act.
  • I don't know why grown-ups try to make excuses for such things.