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For the game server, see Tarlach Game Server.
For the other Tarlach, see Young Tarlach.
For monster data, see Tarlach (Monster).
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Portrait of Tarlach
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Druid
Location Sidhe Sneachta

Track The Legendary Magician


A man wearing a light brown robe silently glares this way. He has wavy blonde hair and white skin with a well defined chin that gives off a gentle impression. Behind his thick glasses, however, are his cold emerald eyes filled with silent gloom.

Tarlach is a mysterious Druid and was one of The Three Lost Warriors, along with Mari and Ruairi, with a past that is mostly shrouded in mystery. Due to a fatal injury, he resides in the Altar of Druid, the deepest part of Sidhe Sneachta, and transforms into a Bear in the day (6:00am ~ 6:00pm in-game time); Tarlach himself can only be seen at night (6:00pm ~ 6:00am in-game time).

Tarlach can also create or destroy Spirit Weapons as well as transferring spirits of one weapon type to another.

After the player completes The Saga: Iria, Tarlach disappears from Sidhe Sneachta permanently, only temporarily remaining if the player has a quest that involves Tarlach. He is replaced by Young Tarlach, who appears in front of the Druid House in Taillteann. Berched takes over Tarlach's role of creating Spirit Weapons.

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