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Portrait of Madoc
Race Human
Gender Male
Location Port Cobh


Madoc is a citizen who roams around the square of Port Cobh. He seems to have strong rivalry against Tamon.

Daily Quest

Nails for Stones
How to Get Quest

Speak to Madoc and accept the request to start the quest.

Briefing Remember! Bring me 5 Large Nails. - Madoc
Additional Information
  • Hitting poles and signs will drop the Large Nails needed for the quest.
    • The street lights have a higher rate of dropping Large Nails than the posts and other punchable objects within the area.
    • The boulders in the shores of Port Ceann also have a good drop rate for Large Nails
  • This quest can only be done once per real-life day, resetting at
    12:00am PST

Madoc's Equipment