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Port Cobh

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An overview of Port Cobh.

Description and Geography

Map of Port Cobh.
Cobh, Port of Hope and Dreams


Commerce Port Cobh Icon.png Port Cobh is a town which sits east of Dunbarton. It started as a small city but after increase in trade using sea route, it grew into a large port city. It is famous for variety of fish and its lighthouse. It is also known for its bar. This town is also where Giants and Elves live together without much conflict.


  • The Lighthouse, the shining beacon of Uladh. Ascon is the lighthouse keeper.
  • The Graveyard, where Ascon's parents rest
  • The Pub, where liquor is served
  • The Marketplace, by the square, offers a roofed area where players can set up Personal Shops.
  • The pier, which allows for more places to fish and connects the Lighthouse to the mainland. Flanking either side are two wharfs with vessels destined for shores beyond the continent of Uladh. To the north is a ship under Captain Carasek, headed for the Commonwealth of Belvast. The southern dock holds a boat piloted by the navigator Linden, traveling to Port Qilla.

Boarding Schedule

Port Cobh harbors ships traveling (in-game time) to Iria's Port Qilla and Belvast's Commonwealth of Belvast.

  • First time travelers must ride aboard the boats heading to either Iria and Belvast before they can Continent Warp.
Boat Boarded Ship Departure to Arrival time
Cobh to Belvast 2 minutes
Cobh to Qilla 4 minutes


A good amount of the townspeople of Port Cobh have had history with pirates, due to being a sea-side town ripe with commerce goods. The pub is also frequented by the Brightboot Pirates. [1]

Areas of interest


  • Lamp posts in the port drop various items along with special items that other props normally would not.
  • The sign-posts next to the Marketplace Shop Board and next to Ascon sometimes have double drops.
Resource Obtained From Location
Water.png Water Well Northeast of the weapons shop
Large Nail.png Large Nail
Small Gem.png Small Gem
Small Green Gem.png Small Blue Gem.png Small Red Gem.png Colored Small Gems
Hitting man-made objects Pathways
Large Nail.png Large Nail
Bait Tin.png Bait Tin
Paper Crane.png Paper Crane
Hitting Lamp Posts Pathways
*Rare* Elemental Remover.png Elemental Remover
*Rare* Glittering Paper.png Glittering Paper
*Rare* Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot
*Rare* Iron Plate.png Iron Plate
*Rare* Arena Coin - Black.png Rabbie Battle Arena Coin
Hitting Lamp Posts (Rare Drops) Pathways
*Very Rare* Arbalest.png Arbalest
*Very Rare* Highlander Long Bow.png Highlander Long Bow
Hitting Lamp Posts (Very Rare Drops) Pathways



  • Bank
  • Blacksmith
  • General Shop
  • Grocery Store
  • Fish Shop
  • Pub
  • Mailbox
  • Housing Board
  • Receivable QUest Board
  • Trading Post

Fishing List


  • None

Areas Connected


Track Title
Lighthouse Overlooking the Sea

Local NPCs


  • A bit north of Port Cobh lies a cemetery consisting of two graves, Gwenllian and Alasdair, Ascon's mother and father.
  • One of the signs in Port Cobh says: "No Swimming Allowed. Shark Sighted. Fatality count for those who died trying to obtain the Shark Slayer title: 89". Apparently, no such title exists.
  • There is a drawing of Ascon's family behind the lighthouse.
  • Surprisingly, for Port Cobh having many fishing spots, Fishing Rods and Bait Tins are not sold here.
  • Karis no longer pilots the boat to Port Qilla, he can be encountered at Port Connous.