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Portrait of Manolin
Race Elf
Gender Male
Occupation Fishing
Location Port Cobh


A male elf fishing in Port Cobh who lost his father to a Mako Shark. He admires and misses his father greatly, and in his thirst for revenge, he gives a daily quest for players to bring him a Striped Marlin of any size for his bait. The reward is a Manolin's Mako Shark, which, when opened, gives out an item.

Daily Quest

  • This quest can be obtained once every real-life day.

Manolin's Revenge

How to Get Quest

Speak to Manolin and accept the request to start the quest.

Briefing It's time for revenge. Bring me a fresh Striped Marlin. Make sure it's not a Silk Striped Marlin. Their blood won't attract the sharks. - Manolin

Deliver 1 Striped Marlin to Manolin in Port Cobh.

Additional Information
  • The Striped Marlin can be caught in Port Cobh, Belvast, or on the Fishing Boat near Karu Forest in the Rano region of Iria. (Can be traded.)
  • This quest can only be done once per real-life day. It resets at
    12:00am PST
  • If you give this quest up after you have accepted it, you will not be able to get it again for the rest of the day.

Manolin's Equipment