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Melwyn/Special Responses

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This page lists all of Melwyn's Pan Speech Bubble Sticker.png special responses.

Title Responses

  • All of these are initially prompted by the following:

Oh, and...

(Melwyn stops for a moment to look up at you before continuing.)

the Royal Society Sponsor

Wow, you seem really proud of your Royal Society sponsorship title. It's not easy to earn that kind of accolade, so you deserve to show it off. Wear it with pride. Maybe you'll inspire others to donate!

the Phantasm Breaker

Oh... Wait. No way... Did you really clear the abandoned monastery in the old Rabbie Dungeon by yourself, (Character Name)?
That's amazing. I was told it's full of powerful monsters.
I wish... I was strong and healthy like you.

the Limit Breaker

I can't help but wonder where and how you might run up against your own limits, (Character Name). Someday, I'd like to surpass my own limits. I truly mean it.

the Purifier of Avalon

I wonder what was purified. Hmm...
Avalon is... Well, it's an ancient, legendary place that you only hear about in stories... I don't know why such a sacred place would have to be purified...
I don't know. It doesn't have much to do with me.

the Mystic Pathfinder

I was told that you're quite active in exploring the realm beyond the magical mists. Some even say you're the true guide of Feth Fiada.
The new information we've received is being thoroughly analyzed by the many royal academic societies. I guess I owe you one, (Character Name).

who Saved the Goddess

Oh... you rescued the goddess, (Character Name?)
Did the goddess you save repay you with warm wishes?

the Savior of Erinn

The Savior of Erinn...? That's quite a grandiose title, (Character Name). I guess someone as famous and capable as you deserves it.

the Dragon Knight

Ah, the Dragon Knight... many people in history have worn a title like that. I don't know what kind of dragon you have to tame or slay to get it, but either way, that's outside of my area of expertise.

the Shadow Hero

Oh, I heard about your accomplishments in Tara and Taillteann. Padan, the captain of the royal guard, thinks quite highly of you as the Shadow Hero.
It's obvious that you're an important person, (Character Name), but to me, the most important thing about you is that you are a sponsor.

the Guardian of the Gate

Hmm. I'm not sure what you mean. You guarded a gate...?
That title doesn't ring any bells...

the New Divinity

The New Divinity...?
Perhaps... after a very long time, people will look back on the legends surrounding you and regard you as some sort of god. With your strength, goodness, and purity, you have many of the qualities that people venerate in deities.
It's all just speculation at this point, but still...

of the Tech Duinn Expeditionary Force

What's going on with the magical mists in the secret chamber below the Sen Mag Plains? I've heard that the Tech Duinn Expeditionary Force you led is in charge of managing the area.
Many of the scholars and academics I know have taken an interest in it, including myself.

the Storm Strider

I heard you went through a lot of trouble dealing with the big cold wave, the storm, and especially the incident in Belvast.
I'm sure you're busy recovering from the flood damage there, but please don't forget to suppport the Society of Astronomy's activities.

the Brilliant Backlight

When you were fighting against that gigantic dragon, Cromm Cruaich, summoned by the Order of the Black Moon, I was barricaded inside the Rath Royal Castle with my family.
That whole situation was... Ugh, it was such a mess. Some aristocrats reacted with a shamelessness entirely unbefitting of their position. Even though it was scary, it's supposed to fall to people like them to set an example by acting calmly and rationally.
I'd say that the fact you were there fighting on behalf of all of us is the reason things didn't turn out any worse than they did, (Character Name).

the Star of the Dawn

Heehee, I think about that a lot, 'The Star of the Dawn'... It's a perfect epihet for you,seeing as you led the effort to defeat the Order of the Black Moon.
Perhaps the Stardust gathers around you because it's naturally attracted to people like that. Do you think that could be it?

the Royal Alchemist

...Did you know that the Alchemy Society is very proud to call you a member? They might not say it outright, but they are.
It seems like not a week goes by without someone in that society stirring up trouble of some sort. In that sense, it's almost strange having a 'normal' Royal Alchemist like you in their ranks.
It could even be said that the Alchemy Society's reputation is improving thanks to you, (Character Name).

Outfit Responses

Improved Llywelyn Armor

There's something I've been curious about... Hmm... You're wearing clothes with the emblem of a very reputable house. Seeing as you're not like the other aristocrats of Tara, I didn't think you'd be interested in such things. It comes as a bit of a surprise.
Wh-what? Are you curious about what I think? I don't have much else to say on the matter.

Gift Responses

Unacceptable Items

I'm sorry, but I really have a full slate of things I need to tend to.
Hm, perhaps I wasn't thinking properly. Um, are you... Are you made at what I said?
I probably came across more harsher than I meant to. I just blurt out what I felt right in the moment.
I'll give the (Item Name) back. I'm busy as it is, managing all the grants, sponsorships, and patronage we receive here. I'm afraid it'll get mixed in with the things that have been donated.
I might think twice if it were something sweet, though. Anyway, thank you for thinking of me, (Character Name).

Really Unacceptable Foods

Includes: Food Waste
What's this? (Item Name)?
Are you serious? Do you honestly expect me to put this anywhere near my mouth?
I mean, if you're going to bring food, could you at least try to bring something edible? I'm sorry, but I don't have the stomach for this.
Do you like this sort of food, (Character Name)?
Well, I'm not one to judge someone else for their preferences, but this isn't really to my taste. Please, take it back. Besides, I'm rather busy at the moment. No time to eat.

Unacceptable Foods

Hmm... Thank you for thinking of me, but I'm actually kind of a picky eater. I try to be open-minded when it comes to food, but I'm careful about what I stick in my mouth.
I don't have to eat this right now, right? I mean, I'm not hungry at all. I might not finish my food at mealtime if I snack on this right now.
Hmm... I think a dessert might be best, since it won't fill me up too much. Something that I could enjoy with a cup of coffee while going over some documents.
Anyway, you can have this (Item Name) back. Thanks for thinking of me, though.

Acceptable Foods

Includes: Marshmallow, S'more, Panna Cotta, Macaron, Black Tea, Milk Tea

This is (Item Name)... Wow, it smells delicious! if signed by the Character: What? And you made it yourself, (Character Name)?
Are you sure I can have it? (Prompt: Yep!) (Prompt: Naaaah)

Yep! On Screen Message: With her small hands, she accepts the (Item Name) you offered.
(Melwyn's eyes seem to light up as she looks at the (Item Name). You enjoy the moment, seeing a side of her that rarely comes to the fore, and give her a satisfied nod.)
Um... We're technically not allowed to accept gifts while conducting Society business. But since you DID go to the trouble to bring it all the way here, I'll accept it. Just this once, though!

if: Marshmallow, S'more, Panna Cotta, Macaron
Besides, I was just about to take a break, so you showing up with a snack is rather fortuitous timing. A little sugar is the perfect lubricant to keep the wheels of the mind turning smoothly.
(Melwyn holds the (Item Name) with two hands and takes a small bite.)
...! Ahh...
(Melwyn seems to savor the bite, her face relaxing as she closes her eyes for a moment in an expression of pure contentedness.)
Thank you, (Character Name). This is quite delicious. Next time, I'd like to enjoy it with a cup of hot tea, too.
It's like all the exhaustion that'd been building in me over the course of the day just evaporated. It's amazing, the power that good food has. Thank you so much, (Character Name).

if: Black Tea, Milk Tea
Besides, I was just about to take a break, so you showing up with a warm cup of tea is rather fortuitous timing. The fragrance always helps when I'm organizing my thoughts.
(Melwyn lightly picks up the (Item Name)).
...! Ahh...
(Drawing in the fragrance with a deep breath, Melwyn takes a sip of the (Item Name). For a moment, she seems almost meditative. Then, her expression warms, the corners of her thin lips turning up in a contented smile.)
Ahh... This really is some top-shelf stock you got your hands on, (Character Name). The scent and taste really lifted me into a moment of reverie. It's even better than the tea we have at the mansion, and it's not everyday I can say that.
In the future, when we host a proper tea party, I would love to invite you, (Character Name). But for now, I'll simply have to content myself with thanking you for your thoughtful gift.

On Screen Message: (Slightly surprised, Melwyn's feet start bouncing up and down.)
(Seeing her unable to hide her excitement at the snack you've prepared, you can't resist the urge to tease her, shaking your head no.)
...Huh? But why? Didn't you bring that to share with me?
You can't just show me something like that, then say I can't have any!
Hmph... I don't understand why you'd even bother showing it to me at all...
Is this some sort of cruel joke? Did I offend you in some way I didn't realize? You're being so mean, (Character Name). That's one of my favorite foods...
Hmph... Fine. I don't need it anyway.
If you're going to make fun of me, just go away. What are you doing here, anyway? I have things I need to do. Go on! Leave!
(Despite her words, her eyes are still gazing longingly at the snack you brought, betraying her true feelings. You feel a bit bad for teasing her, not realizing how excited she was for the treat.)

Quest Milestone Responses

1 Sponsorship Quest Milestone

100 Sponsorship Quest Milestone

Wow, (Character Name). I was going through the records and didn't realize until I saw the numbers that you've already sponsored the Society of Astronomy's activites 100 times! I heard that you're a very busy individual, so I honestly didn't expect you to help us as long as you have. What am I thinking now? Umm...

(Melwyn pauses for a moment and looks at you. You return her gaze and her face, normally expressionless, somehow seems to glow.)

I've been thinking that perhaps... some impressions don't last forever. Yes. That's what comes to mind at the moment.
Thank you for helping the Society, (Character Name). I hope that you'll continue to support us in the future as well.

200 Sponsorship Quest Milestone

Aha, (Character Name), were you aware that you've sponsored the Society of Astronomy's activities 200 times? Every now and then, I hear the Society's members talking about the amount of support you've shown the organization.
There are even some I've heard saying that they refuse to use something made personally by you-- not because they doubt its quality, but because they want to keep it in their home as a statement piece and heirloom! Sinead chided them for it, insisting that they us things for their intended purpose and not as some sort of collectible.
Anyway, there's no denying your help has really made a difference for the Society. Many of our members are saying that it's easier for them for focus on their research now that they're comfortably funded through patronage and sponsorship. And speaking personally, it's helped me feel more strongly that Dunbarton is where I belong now.
Thank you for coming every day to check up on new assignments. It helps makes my job a bit more interesting and...honestly, it means more to me than you can imagine. So don't you ever stop supporting us, (Character Name).

300 Sponsorship Quest Milestone

Here's something amazing, (Character Name). Did you know I've logged your name in the sponsorship ledgers 300 times now?

When I was new to this position, I had no idea you'd be helping us to this extent, or for as long as you have.
Most people who say they'll sponsor the Society of Astronomy conveniently stop giving once they've got whatever information they were after. Even committed patrons still need gentle reminders, lest their support slow to a trickle over time.
You're different, though. To be perfectly honest, at the outset I didn't trust you, but I didn't know you as I do now. I apologize, (Character Name).
When I take stock of my feelings now, I'm so grateful that you're here, both as a member of Aliech's Royal Society of Astronomy, and just personally as an individual.
Thank you for coming to see me so often. If it weren't for you, I fear my duties here in Dunbarton would be a little too rote to hold my interest.
Ahem... Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know since you've helped us 300 times and all. I feel a bit embarrassed at such outpouring of sentiment, so... Let's talk about something else instead.

500 Sponsorship Quest Milestone

(Character Name)! Can you believe you've helped the Society of Astronomy 500 times now? That's incredible! You're quite possibly our number one patron.
There's not a single area within the Royal Society of Astronomy that hasn't benefited from one of your donations. So many of our members have benefitted and even prospered thanks to the support you've shown.
We've known each other for quite some time now, haven't we, (Character Name)?
When I was first dispatched to Dunbarton, I wasn't pleased about the assignment, to say the least, I felt like I belonged somewhere completely different.
I don't suppose I have any right to say that. Everyone told me there was no need to be so anxious about my situation, but...
...that's easier said than done. But even setting that aside, it felt like no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't measure up to others' expectations.
I was the only one in my family to be such a late-bloomer. My brother showed immense talent early on--at an even younger age than I am now.

(Melwyn's eyes look unusually moist as she pours out her feelings in a small voice.)

My parents suggested that perhaps staying in a completely different environment for a while would do me good. But it certainly didn't FEEL good at first.
But eventually, after seeing you come here every day, and after seeing how hard the other members of the Society are working. I decided I can't live with that sort of sour attitude anymore.
I'm sorry... It wasn't my intention to vent to you, but that's what I wanted to say. I know you're very busy, but thank you for stopping by so frequently.
Your visits are the highlight of my day, (Character Name). Someday, when I have good news to share, I promise you'll be the first to know, so make sure you keep visiting, okay?

(Melwyn smiles brightly, looking relieved. She fakes a cough in an obvious effort to hide her flustered cheeks.)

1000 Sponsorship Quest Milestone

Aha! I knew you were coming. I can tell the sound of your footsteps now. You have a unique energy about you, (Character Name), and it's even in the way you walk.
I mean, you've already helped us a staggering 1,000 times. By now, it's not surprising I'd recognize your footsteps from a mile away!
I remember the first time we met, (Character Name). I hadn't even introduced myself when I summarily sent you off to meet with Sinead. When I think on it now, it does seem a bit rude, I admit.
I wish I could reach out and tell my past self, 'Hey! You know that Milletian? They're one of the good ones. You can depend on them.'
I had a lot on my mind at the time. Erm... I guess I can tell you now.

(Melwyn lowers her voice and glances around to make sure no listening ears are nearby).

My house has venerated Aton Cimeni for generations. As soon as I was able to harness my power, I was to become a member of the Alban Knights. However...
For reasons unknown, I'm as of yet unable to wield the Divine Power. That means my older brother has to carry my share of the family obligations. He always tells me it's no trouble, but it's always weighed heavily on my heart.
It was actually my brother who suggested that I try joining the Royal Society of Astronomy instead of sulking at home all day. He said I'd get to work directly with the Royal Castle, but I felt like he was just taking pity on me.
When I went back home to Tara to visit, I saw my brother for the first time in quite a while, and he seemed pleased to see how much happier I was.
But... I think you were a big part of making that happen, (Character Name). I may have started working here mainly for the change of scenery, but I didn't expect to actually fall in love with the Society. Who could've guessed?
I want you to have this. It's not much, but I just really want to thank you for everything.
You're the one who helped me realize I'm not useless. You taught me that even finishing a small task is one step further on the road to becoming a better person.
Thank you, (Character Name). I hope you'll continue visiting me for a long time to come.

(You notice Melwyn's small hands clasping the hem of your clothes, and feel glad to see her smile.)

Whenever I'm finally done with my assignment here, would you accept an invitation to my family's estate? I'd bet my brother would love to meet you.
Teatime at House Cinnsealach is a very special occasion, and a first-rate experience by any standard. I know that if you were to join us, (Character Name), it'd make things even more enjoyable!

Received Bundle of Gems from Melwyn.