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Memory Match

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Memory match is a classical card matching game in the likes of Concentration. The player must match all cards within the alloted time.


The minigame during Cookie Island Events, the player vs player version.
The minigame in action.
All cards found.

Flip the cards and learn where the matches are.

  • When you gain a match, you can immediately choose a new set.
    • If you choose the wrong set, one second will pass before the cards reset.
  • Sometimes a bonus card may appear, granting some EXP if found before the game ends.

The Memory match game is used in the following:



Slow down

  • When getting a no-match, you are forced to wait for the card flipping animation to play out.
    • DO NOT attempt to perform another move in this time, as the game UI may lag, and you may accidentally perform a move you did not intend.

General board clearing strategy

  • It is recommended to clear the board from top-to-bottom and left-to-right.
  • When revealing cards, it helps to repeat the picture names verbally aloud to yourself.
    • Example:
      • If the 1st card is the Scone and the 2nd card is the Coffee, say aloud: "Scone, Coffee".
      • If the 3rd card is the Jelly and the 4th card is the Quiche, say "Scone, Coffee, Jelly, Quiche".
        • If the 5th card is the Coffee, then match the 5th and the 2nd cards, and say "Scone, Jelly, Quiche".
        • If the 6th card is the Plum and the 7th card is the Dough, say "Scone, Jelly, Quiche, Plum, Dough".
    • You can verbally repeat the sequence between moves to remind yourself what is behind the hidden cards.
    • You can name the cards in whatever way works best for your own picture association.


  • The first iteration of the minigame started during the Cookie Island Events.
  • The themes of the cards usually revolve around desserts.