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Mini Pets

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Longing for a cute companion, but don't want to spend a lot of NX to get a pet? Then you'll be pleased to welcome mini pets into Erinn! Each mini pet costs a mere 1,000 NX and stays at your side for 30 days. Unlike normal pets, mini pets do not assist in battle—but that also means they never take damage or capture the notice of enemies, so you'll never have to worry about healing them! Because they're so adorable, mini pets grant a cuteness bonus—er, companion stat bonus to their owners. It's their way of showing moral support.

The Skeleton Maid comes dressed in a traditional maid's uniform. Sometimes, she's so busy cleaning (or is she simply daydreaming?), one of her bony arms falls off! The Petal Collar Dog is a miniature pinscher that sports the latest doggy fashion—a wreath of flower petals around its face. The Brown Explorer Cat dons a pair of on-trend goggles along with a cute neck bandana. Here's the bonus: the accessories that mini pets wear come in random colors, so your mini pet won't look identical to the dozens of others you're bound to see frolicking around!

Now, normal mini pets that you purchase from the in-game cash shop only stay with you for 30 days after their first usage. However, the newly updated Production Gachapon (5/19/2010) contains a whistle that will create a PERMANENT Skeleton Maid pet! Keep an eye out for future updates when the permanent versions of the Petal Collar Dog and Brown Explorer Cat become available.

So whether you're a diehard pet collector or a curious would-be pet owner, adopt a mini pet today![1]

Available Mini Pets

These pets do not have inventories and cannot fight monsters.

Pet Whistles

Inventory icon of Mini Pet Whistle

2 × 2

A whistle that can be used to call a Mini Pet. Use it to meet a new animal character.

  • These pet whistles are used to summon a mini pet.
  • There are four types:
  • The pet whistles can be bought from the Item Shop for 1,000 NX.
    • However, the mini pets they summon will disappear after 30 (real-time) days.
  • The pet whistles can be obtained from a Mystery Box.
    • Mini pets summoned by the whistles obtained this way are permanent.
  • A Seal Whistle can be obtained through the inventory of a newly purchased Black Seal or White Seal between July 7th and July 20th, 2010.
    • The Shark Robe Seal mini pet summoned by this whistle is permanent.
  • A Skeleton Whistle can be obtained from a Production Gachapon.
    • The Skeleton Maid mini pet summoned by this whistle is permanent.
  • Please note that mini pets count towards the 80 character limit.
  • Although some others pets such as Bulls, Black Flamemares, and many other pets can be summoned through whistles from events, gachapons, etc., they are not minipets and do not expire.


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Skeleton Maid Petal Collar Dog Brown Explorer Cat Shark Robe Seal