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Novice Adventurer Corgi Whistle

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Inventory icon of Novice Adventurer Corgi Whistle

2 × 2
Stack: 100

Name Novice Adventurer Corgi Whistle
Description A box containing a variety of pets, along with some cute Corgi pets sure to fill your summer with huggable fun. Open it to obtain one from a variety of Pet Whistles such as the Warrior Corgi, Wizard Corgi, Vacation Scooter Imp, Young Ceraunus, and more.
Sold By None NPC Resale Value ? G
Obtained From
  • Summer Lovely Pet Box (Thursday, July 16th, 2020, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 13th, 2020, Before Maintenance)


Methods to Obtain


Inventory icon of Novice Adventurer Corgi Whistle

2 × 2

A whistle that calls forth the Novice Adventurer Corgi !

Corgi Pet Details

  • Use the Summoning Skill: Come! to damage and stun enemies when a Corgi is summoned.
  • When idle or when a trick command is used, the Corgi performs a cute trick.
  • Corgi pets can change their form through the Form Change skill.
    • When in the larger form, the Corgi can be mounted. Corgis can also fly!
    • When in the smaller form, the Corgi can follow you on a walk.
  • Lovable YipMabinogi Lovable Yip mmediately restores 700 HP, 500 MP, and 500 Stamina and grants Corgi Companionship's buff to the owner. Corgi Campanionship's effect grants Defense +30, Protection +10, Magic Defense +30, and Magic Protection +10 for 30 sec.
  • The passive effects take effect over time while the Pet is summoned. They can be applied at the same time along with other Pet debuffs such as the Bone Dragon's 'Devil's Dash' and the Ceraunus' 'Lightning Strike'.
  • Novice Adventurer Corgi and Warrior Corgi share the same passive effect. Wizard Corgi has a different passive effect.
    • Novice Adventurer Corgi & Warrior Corgi: Adorable Wiggle (Decreases Defense and Protection of monsters within 10 m of the pet)
      • 1st: Defense -15, Protection -5
      • 2nd: Defense -20, Protection -10
      • 3rd: Defense -25, Protection -15
    • Wizard Corgi: Adorable Wiggle (Decreases Magic Defense and Magic Protection of monsters within 10m of the pet.)
      • 1st: Magic Defense -5, Magic Protection -6
      • 2nd: Magic Defense -10, Magic Protection -8
      • 3rd: Magic Defense -15, Magic Protection -10
  • Wizard Corgi Base Stats:
    • HP: 440
    • MP: 330
    • Stamina: 250
    • STR: 81
    • INT: 131
    • DEX: 42
    • Will: 43
    • Luck: 40
    • Defense: 50
    • Protect: 40
    • Magic Defense: 3
    • Magic Protect: 6
    • Inventory Size: 10x10
  • Novice Adventurer Corgi & Warrior Corgi Base Stats:
    • HP: 470
    • MP: 250
    • Stamina: 300
    • STR: 131
    • INT: 81
    • DEX: 42
    • Will: 43
    • Luck: 40
    • Defense: 55
    • Protect: 40
    • Magic Defense: 3
    • Magic Protect: 3
    • Inventory Size: 10x10
  • You will receive one Leash Selection Box in the Corgi's Inventory. This box allows you to change the color of your Corgi's leash.