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Obtain Shadow Honey

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For other Generation 10 missions, see Category:G10 Shadow Missions.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.
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  • This mission is part of Generation 10.
  • You do not need to fight any monsters. Simply hit a honey tree until it drops Shadow Honey.
  • Remember to collect 5 of them. They can all come from the same tree.
  • The difficulty of the mission is set for you and is based on your total level. See Generation 10 for more information.
  • This Shadow Mission cannot be completed, even if you collect enough honey or kill every single monster.

Mission Information

  • G10 Quest: Collect Clues about Neamhain The Goddess of Light
  • Party Size: 1
  • Time Limit: None
  • Royal Alchemist Assistance Allowed: No
  • Mission Details: There is a special honey that can only be found in the Shadow Realm. You should be able to find them in Corrib Valley. I'm too busy to go into the Shadow Realm myself, hehe. Can you go get the Shadow Realm honey for me? - Lileas
  • Info: Hit the trees with beehives hanging from them and collect 5 honey. Be sure to press EXIT when you're done collecting honey.


Monster Spawn Patterns