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Royal Alchemist

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The Elf and Human poses for Male and Female Royal Alchemists when a cylinder is equipped.
The Giant poses for Male and Female Royal Alchemists when a cylinder is equipped.
For the lore article concerning this society, see Royal Alchemy Society.


There are 100 Royal Alchemists per server. If you become a Royal Alchemist, you get the uniform, a new look for holding the cylinders, a chance to discover your own upgrades for cylinders, and many other advantages. The position of Royal Alchemist is not permanent, however, and can be lost if you do not achieve a certain amount of points per week.

How to become a Royal Alchemist

  • To become a Royal Alchemist, you first need the minimum rank of at least Rank B Alchemy Mastery.
  • To apply to become a Royal Alchemist, one must first talk to Sinead.
  • Every Samhain (Saturday) at 12:00am PST100, the system will decide the top 100 applicants (both current and new) who will become the Royal Alchemist of the week.
    • The exact formula isn't known but it is based off Alchemy Skill Ranks and from your journal list.
    • The candidate pool consists of all the non-Royal Alchemists who applied and all current Royal Alchemists who obtained at least 60 activity points during the past week. From this pool, the top 100 scorers become the new Royal Alchemists for the next week.
    • Note: If there is a server maintenance during the process of picking the Royal Alchemists, then the voting process is nullified and all Royal Alchemists from that week will continue to hold their titles.
  • When you have passed to become a Royal Alchemist, you will receive the title automatically and will be notified via your mail. You must speak to Sinead to receive the Royal Alchemist Robe and Royal Alchemist Boots.
    • You cannot dye or upgrade the Royal Alchemist Uniform and comes pre-enchanted with enchants that may only go on a Royal Alchemist Uniform.
    • It is not mandatory to obtain the Royal Alchemist Uniform, however it is suggested to get it if you are going to proceed with alchemy as one of your main skills.
      • You can buy another uniform set, however it will cost extra money: 200,000g for another uniform and 100,000g for another pair of boots.
      • The uniform may not be mailed, traded, or placed in pet inventories, but it may be stored in the bank or the dressing room.
  • Note: If you choose to quit being a Royal Alchemist, you will not be able to reapply until after the next selection process, meaning a minimum of one week losing the status.


  • The uniform has 6 Defense and 4 Protection and can utilize special Enchants that greatly increase the effectiveness of Alchemy skills, most notably Fire and Water attacks.
  • Royal Alchemist players may do special missions. It is recommended because the missions give points to maintain the position.
  • A Royal Alchemist can help other people with certain Generation 9, 10, and 11 missions even if the mission is normally solo. This gives a large amount of points. In addition, a Royal Alchemist may use this feature to complete their own Generation missions.
    • Royal Alchemists may only assist players in missions up to and including the difficulty suitable for their talent. For example, a Royal Alchemist may only assist with Hard-level missions if they have at least one talent that is Expert level or above.
    • A Royal Alchemist also may not assist another Royal Alchemist with a solo mission, even if the mission allows assistance.
  • When you have a Cylinder equipped, a different pose is made when the player is in normal mode.

Discovering Cylinder Upgrades

Royal Alchemist Modification Discovery.png
  • Royal Alchemists have a chance of discovering a list of upgrades (22 total) for cylinders when using alchemy skills.
    • Upgrades, such as (Discoverer's Name)'s Water Pressure Enhancement 3, will permanently show the discoverer's name similar to Seal Stones.
    • When an upgrade is discovered, a server-wide message will announce the accomplishment and the discoverer will also see a reward window indicating their accomplishment.
    • A single Royal Alchemist may discover multiple upgrades.
    • The chance to discover a cylinder upgrade that appears later in upgrade sequences is less than those that appear earlier.
    • Until the upgrade in question is discovered by a Royal Alchemist on the server, the upgrade cannot be performed on eligible cylinders.
    • Similar to how Royal Alchemists do not need to wear their special RA Title or Equipment to see the RA Cylinder Pose, discoverers do not need their RA Title or equipment.
    • Upgrades can still be discovered if the discoverer places their Alchemy Crystals inside of a guard cylinder that supports Alchemy Crystal Storage.

Losing the Position

  • This position is not permanent. If you get below 60 activity points, you are kicked out.
  • If you fail to maintain the Royal Alchemist, you cannot wear the uniform.
    • If you are still wearing the uniform after losing the position, it will be treated as "broken" and you will not get the effects of the uniform.
    • However you will still retain the title as long as you don't switch to any other title. Part-Time Job Titles and Transformation Titles do not affect this.
  • If you don't log in for 48 hours, you lose 1 point per two hours. Maximum 12 points are lost.
  • Even if you meet the 60 activity points required to stay as a Royal Alchemist, you can still lose the position if you scored less than the top 100 applicants.
  • Every Samhain (Saturday) at 12:00am PST100, the system decides who will stay as a Royal Alchemist or lose their position and be replaced by other applying Royal Alchemists.

Achieving Activity Points

Activity Point.png

  • In order to remain a Royal Alchemist, you must achieve a minimum of 60 activity points.
    • After Samhain (Saturday) at 12:00am PST100, all accumulated points reset to zero and it must be reachieved the following week.
    • If all tasks are completed daily, a maximum of 370 points can be accumulated as an existing Royal Alchemist, assuming that all daily quests received from Sinead reward you with 9 points.
    • You can check how many points you currently have through Sinead.
    • These points do not count toward the Royal Alchemist selection process.
  • Every hour of playing is 1 point. Players receive up to a maximum of 24 points per day.
  • Every Shadow Mission or Theatre Mission cleared is 1 point. Players receive up to a maximum of 10 points per day.
    • On account of them being Shadow Missions, Baltane Missions will also reward 1 point.
  • Every Mainstream-related Mission cleared is 5 points.
    • This only applies to solo Shadow Missions where Royal Alchemist assistance is available. Click here for a list of assistable mainstream missions.
    • Points for completing a regular Shadow Mission will be awarded as well if the maximum has not already been reached.
    • There is no limit to how many missions a Royal Alchemist may assist in, but you will only be accredited for two mainstream missions per day.
  • Complete a special quest given by Sinead once a day, for 6-9 points. If you destroy the quest, you do not get a new one until the next day.
No. Quest Points
1 Defeat 7 Rusted Flying Swords 8
2 Defeat 9 Corrupted Alchemists 7
3 Defeat 5 Blinkers 9
4 Defeat 7 Sulfur Spiders 9
5 Defeat 7 Python Shamans 8
6 Defeat 7 Ghosts of Partholon 7
7 Collect 2 Finest Cuilin Stones 9
8 Collect 4 Fine Cuilin Stones 8
9 Collect 8 Common Cuilin Stones 7
10 Collect 10 Low-Grade Cuilin Stones 6
11 Collect 1 Arat Crystal 8
12 Collect 10 White Herbs 8
13 Collect 5 Mystic Pearls 7

Shadow Mission Assistance

Generation 9

Shadow Mission Party Size Time Limit Able to Assist?
The Hero of Mag Tuireadh 1 30 Minutes RP
Alchemist Seal 1~2 30 Minutes Party
Deliver the Supplies 1~3 30 Minutes Party
Deliver the Ice Mines 1~3 30 Minutes Party
The Broken Arrow 1 None Cutscene
Shadow Walker 1 None No
Alchemy Experimentation in the Shadow World I-IV 1~2 None Party
Alchemy Experimentation in the Shadow World V-VIII 1~3 None Party
The Fomor Secret Experiment Investigation - Claimh Solas 1~2 None Party
Sketch the Heart of Courcle 1~3 50 Minutes Party
Scouting Mission 1~5 30 Minutes Party
Rescue Jenna 1 50 Minutes Yes
The Last Battle 3~8 None Party
The Finale 3~8 None Party

Generation 10

Shadow Mission Party Size Time Limit Able to Assist?
Survivor Rescue 1 40 Yes
Leymore's Investigation Log 1 None RP
Caliburn's Secret 1 None No
Obtain the Rare Book 1 None Yes
Obtain Shadow Honey 1 None No
Neamhain's Memorial 1 None No
Fomor Mata 1 None No
Assist the Shadow Realm Expeditionary Force 1~8 None Party
Light and Darkness 1 None Yes

Generation 11

Shadow Mission Party Size Time Limit Able to Assist?
Royal Library Investigation 1 30 Minutes Yes
Buchanan's Secret 1 30 Minutes Yes
Alchemist Medal 1 None Party
The Pain of Love 1 30 Minutes Party
Jenna's Revenge 1 30 Minutes RP
Investigate the Traces of Caliburn 1 None Yes
Buchanan Inside the Castle 1 None No
The Hidden Book of Partholon 1 None Yes
Seven Pages 1 60 Minutes Yes
Ancient Alchemy 1 30 Minutes No
Jenna in Danger 1 8 Minutes No
Location of Destiny 1 None No
To Caliburn's Altar 1~8 40 Minutes Party
Final Chapter 1 60 Minutes Yes

Generation 11 Season 2

Shadow Mission Party Size Time Limit Able to Assist?
Ferghus' Present 1 None ?
Allestru's Etiquette Book 1 40 Minutes No
Royal Castle's Secret Experiment 1 None Yes
Cai's Support 1 None No
Defeat Claimh Solas 1 None No

Generation 12

Shadow Mission Party Size Time Limit Able to Assist?
Homonculus Experiment 1 None No
Arat Alchemy Society 1-2 30 Minutes Party
Information From Jarlath 1 None No
Underground Waterway Investigation 1 60 Minutes No
Underground Waterway Investigation 2 1 60 Minutes No
The Path to Becoming a God 1 None No
The Goddess of Light 1 15 Minutes No
Temple Knight Coat of Arms 1-3 60 Minutes Party
Soul Stream 1 None No
All Out Attack! 1 20 Minutes No
The Goddess' Memory 1 20 Minutes No
Goddess in Danger 1 20 Minutes No
Golden Apple 1-8 60 Minutes Party
The Final Chapter 1 None No

Equipment and Related Enchants

Royal Alchemist Robe
Prefix: Soggy (Water Type Alchemy + 27 Dmg)
Suffix: Academic (Crystal Making Success +3%, Synthesis Success +3%)

Royal Alchemist Boots
Prefix: Baking (Fire Type Alchemy +8 Dmg)
Suffix: Flooded (Water Type Alchemy + 12 Dmg)


the Royal Alchemist

  • Crystal Making Success +1%
  • Synthesis Success +1%
  • Fragmentation Success +1%
  • Water-Type Alchemy Damage +15
  • Fire-Type Alchemy Damage +5


  • While there are Royal Alchemist NPCs (not counting Cai, Leymore, or Lennox) in the Shadow Mission All Out Attack!, a Royal Alchemist player cannot aid at all.
  • If you talk with certain NPCs while being a Royal Alchemist, they will note your accomplishment.

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