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Pet Care Package

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Banner from the Pet Care Package Announcement


Give a good welcome to the Pet Care Package, here for three weeks and filled with goodies to keep your pets in fighting shape! With the brand-new Pet Rebirth Potion, a Pet EXP Potion, a pair of Pet Age Potions plus a trio of massive Golden Experience Fruits and more, it's everything your furry (or scaly) little friends have been looking for.[1]

Basic Information

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Name Pet Care Package
Description A special Package to help you care for your precious pet. Make sure you have enough space in your inventory before using it.
Sold By None NPC Resale Value  ? G
Obtained From
  • Item Shop (Limited Time availability from Mar. 1, 2017 - Mar. 21, 2017 for 10,500 NX)
  • Can be bought from the Web Shop for 10,500 NX for 1.




  1. http://mabinogi.nexon.net/News/Announcements/1/00J3N