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Ranald/Special Responses

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Training Poles

Hitting the training poles around Ranald will cause dialogue to appear:

  • "Ranald: One! Two! That's it!"
  • "Ranald: An expensive weapon does not equal great power!"
  • "Ranald: The moment your opponent rises you are at a disadvantage!"
  • "Ranald: Each skill has its own counter skill."
  • "Ranald: In a real battle, pres 'A' for automatic attacks!"
  • "Ranald: Resurrecting on your spot comes with a giant EXP loss!"
  • "Ranald: The best weapon of all is having a companion!"
  • "Ranald: When an enemy is knocked down, it is best to prepare a skill for attack!"
  • "Ranald: You must combine various skills."
  • "Ranald: While your buddy attacks, sneak in a powerful attack of your own!"
  • "Ranald: If you master a skill, you shall receive bonus EXP."
  • "Ranald: Dungeons are the best places for training."
  • "Ranald: It might be more convenient to use the [Ctrl] key to auto-target during real battles!"
  • "Developer: It's no fun if its too easy."
  • "Ranald: Who... Who said that?"
  • "Ranald: Deep wounds are very difficult to recover from!"
  • "Ranald: Use the Alt key to see how strong your enemies are!"
  • "Administrator: Too much game-playing is unhealthy for you!"
  • "Ranald: Who said that?! Show yourself!"
  • "Developer: Greed only yields more grinding!"
  • "Ranald: That is true."
  • "Ranald: Attacking a stunned opponent gives you less points?!"
  • "Ranald: There are penalties for camping."