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Portrait of RanaldFile:Ranald.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Combat Instructor
Location Tir Chonaill
(School Front)
Track Eagle's Eye
To overcome is not to take lives of others, is to overcome self cowardly...




From his appearance and posture, there is no doubt that he is well into middle age, but he is surprisingly well-built and in shape. Long fringes of hair cover half of his forehead and his right cheek. A strong nose bridge stands high between his shining hawkish eyes. His deep, low voice has the power to command other people's attention.

Ranald is the martial-arts teacher of Tir Chonaill school.

Aside from the abrupt mood shifts during his drinking binge, Ranald is a respected and contributive member of Tir Chonaill.


Born and raised in the town, he is a former warrior famed for valor and strength, trained personally by Duncan. He also worked as a mercenary for the city of Dunbarton. Likewise, tales of his heroism are frequently told by townspeople.

In his teaching times, Trefor was one of his best students. He also sells the book: Don't Give Up! Trefor's Training Towards Veteranship, telling a story of how Ranald taught Trefor how to overcome his shyness with women, enabling him to defeat a Succubus while ignoring her charms and gave him the confidence to propose to Dilys.

In his early years, he claims to have had unrequited sentiments towards Endelyon. Judging from his long hair covering the slight scar on the forehead, he appears to be somewhat conscious of his appearance.

Mainstream Story

Keyword Responses

Ranald also has special answers if the Training Poles in the Tir Chonaill Scoll are hit.



Arena Price
Alby Battle Arena Coin x 10 200g
Alby Battle Arena Coin x 20 400g
Alby Battle Arena Coin x 50 1,000g
Alby Battle Arena Coin x 100 2,000g
Quest Price
Collect Branches 0g
Collect Berries 0g
Collect Nails 0g
Reference Book Price
Don't Give Up! Trefor's Training Towards Veteranship 1,000g




Track Title
Eagle's Eye
Speaking to Ranald


  • During the RP Quest Ranald had Rank F Rest, Windmill, Rank E Campfire, Rank C Counterattack, Rank B Defense, Rank 6 Critical Hit, and Rank 1 Combat Mastery, Smash.