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Rank is the general Mabinogi level system for skills and enchants. The rank system determines the proficiency, difficulty, efficiency, and power in skills (and difficulty in enchants) in the world of Mabinogi.


When referring to skills (with the exception of Transformations), the rank of a skill is one of the 15 levels that indicates how much Ability Points (APs) one has used in order to become more proficient in the skill. The more proficient one is in the skill, the higher the rank and power or usefulness of the skill. However, players may differ on the importance of each skill and thus they rank their skills in many various ways usually due to a limited AP budget, time or Combat Power (CP) requirements for other skills.

These ranks are common to all upgradable skills:

Rank № 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Rank Novice F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Rank Novice is the starting point for most skills, when you have “acquired the knowledge of the skill”. This rank usually has the least requirements to pass in order to obtain a skill at rank F. Some skills require AP to obtain rank F and some may not, this is solely dependent on the skill itself. For other skills, rank F is the starting point when acquiring “the knowledge of the skill” is not really possible via normal means.

As one trains the proficiency points in the rank by completing the listed objectives in the skill window, one needs to acquire 100.00 points in order to rank to the next level. For each rank this becomes increasingly difficult. The steepness of the difficulty slope is dependent on the skill one is ranking and the objectives for each rank pertaining to the player. One player may find it harder or easier to rank certain skills than other players due to individual factors such as CP and Stats.

Once a player has high enough rank, a rank cap is sometimes placed on the skill because higher ranks have not been implemented. Rank 9 and Rank 6 is usually a common cap for most new skills. Some skills may cap at rank F or Novice, because they are not upgradable skills.

Once one reaches rank 1, one can try to master the skill for a title, usually with high difficulty due to time consumption. Once one acquires the master title for the skill, one can rank even further by progressing through the mastery ranks called Dan in the Advancement Test Hall. This however, does not apply to all the skills.


See Enchant for details.

Enchants have a similar ranking system, however it usually only applies to the difficulty (defined by the number of steps needed) of the application of the enchant to items, and not necessarily the usefulness of the enchant. Enchant ranks start at rank F and end at rank 2.