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Not to be confused with Transformation Mastery.


Transformations are unique skill sets that allows a player to temporarily become a powerful, race-specific alter-ego for a limited time once each In-Game Day.

Humans may choose either Paladin or Dark Knight transformation skillsets. Elves may only transform into Falcons and Giants may only transform into Beasts. Each transformation comes with four unique stat-boosting passive skills, three Passive Defense skills and, and with the exception of the Paladin, one unique active skill. Every time one transforms, their Health, Mana, and Stamina will refill, and most Wounds will heal. This makes it beneficial when one's health is seriously depleted in a dungeon, and no bandages are available.

Demigod transformations are also available for any race, and only come with two active skills (aside from the Transformation) depending on the Goddess the player decides to affiliate the transformation with, within the exception of Shadow Spirit which is not a Goddess spell and can be affiliated with both sides. As of Generation 10, players may obtain the Demigod skills Awakening of Light, Spear of Light, and Fury of Light (Neamhain). With the additions of Generation 11 and Generation 12, players will be able to obtain the skills Shadow Spirit (Cichol), and Wings of Rage and Wings of Eclipse (Morrighan), respectively.

Divinity transformations are available as of Generation 21, where players of any race can obtain all Divinity skills upon completing The New Divinity mainstream quest. While transformed, the player will be invulnerable to stun and knockback and limited to only using Divinity and Crusader skills.


  • Transformations are obtained by completing lengthy quests, namely Generation 2, Dark Knight Quest, Generation 10, Generation 11, Generation 12, and Generation 21.
  • Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon, and Beast lasts between 3 to 4 in-game hours depending on Age and number of Rebirth. When the transformation is about to end, a message will flash on the screen saying that the transformation will be over in 10 seconds.
    • During the Dark Knight Transformation's ending phase, there will be a disarming phase that drains the user's Health rather than detransforming immediately. When their Health reaches zero or below, the transformation will end.
    • The length of a transformation can be calculated using: Base + Rebirth Bonus - Age Penalty
      • Base is 239 for Paladins and Beasts, and 219 for Dark Knights and Falcons.
      • Rebirth bonus is: Min(Rebirths, 10) * 8 + Max(Rebirths - 10, 0) * 2
        • That is, the first 10 rebirths adds 8 seconds to the length of the transformation, and then every rebirth after that adds 2 seconds.
      • Age Penalty is: Min(Age, 25) * 2.
        • That is, every year of age removes 2 seconds from the length of the transformation, after age 25 time is no longer deducted.
  • Demigod and Divinity have a set duration based on the rank of Awakening of Light and Nascent Divinity, respectively.
  • Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon, and Beast may be used once per in-game day, resetting at 6:00 AM. Demigod has a cooldown of 10 minutes, and Divinity has a cooldown of 36 minutes.
    • If the skill has not already been used that In-Game Day, it is recommended to transform just before- at 5:50am- in order to still take advantage of the transformation.
  • Demigod can be used whether or not the player has transformed.
  • Dark Knights and Beasts trigger all three Passive Defenses simultaneously when they transform, whereas Paladins and Falcons activate Passive Defenses at random.
    • It is possible that all three of the Defenses from Paladin and Falcons will trigger, but at least one will always activate.
  • Divinity cannot be used with any other transformation.
  • It is not possible to transform into a creature while a transformation is active.

Skill Training

The Training Tab for Dark Knights.

Unlike normal skills which require AP to rank up, Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon, and Beast gain points from leveling up. These points can be distributed to other skills by pressing the "Train" button next to Spirit of Order, Soul of Chaos, Fury of Connous, or Daemon of Physis. The tab cannot be opened with insufficient level-ups.

Every level-up adds 10 point to the main transformation skill, which can be distributed in ones or tens to the other skills. All the points obtained can be dumped into one skill by pressing "max", and can be taken out with "reset". However, points cannot be removed once confirmed.

The main transformation skill holds all the points earned and the maximum amount of points it can hold increases corresponding to that skill's rank. Beware that gaining points that exceed beyond the specified limit will not be given, so be sure to distribute them every so often.

Demigod's training is different from Transformation skills, training automatically from level ups and rebirths, see here for more information. Divinity's training is traditional just like any other skill, and requires AP to rank up.

Level-ups through Exploration does not add any points.

Transformation Skills cannot be reset, even with Skill Reset Capsules.


Human Elf Giant
Paladin Dark Knight Falcon Beast
Spirit of Order.png Spirit of Order Soul of Chaos.png Soul of Chaos Fury of Connous.png Fury of Connous Daemon of Physis.png Daemon of Physis
Power of Order.png Power of Order Body of Chaos.png Body of Chaos Armor of Connous.png Armor of Connous Life of Physis.png Life of Physis
Eye of Order.png Eye of Order Hands of Chaos.png Hands of Chaos Sharpness of Connous.png Sharpness of Connous Shield of Physis.png Shield of Physis
Sword of Order.png Sword of Order Mind of Chaos.png Mind of Chaos Mind of Connous.png Mind of Connous Spell of Physis.png Spell of Physis
Paladin Heavy Stander.png Paladin Heavy Stander Dark Heavy Stander.png Dark Heavy Stander Connous Heavy Stander.png Connous Heavy Stander Physis Heavy Stander.png Physis Heavy Stander
Paladin Natural Shield.png Paladin Natural Shield Dark Natural Shield.png Dark Natural Shield Connous Natural Shield.png Connous Natural Shield Physis Natural Shield.png Physis Natural Shield
Paladin Mana Deflector.png Paladin Mana Deflector Dark Mana Deflector.png Dark Mana Deflector Connous Mana Deflector.png Connous Mana Deflector Physis Mana Deflector.png Physis Mana Deflector
- - Control of Darkness.png Control of Darkness Elven Magic Missile.png Elven Magic Missile Giant Full Swing.png Giant Full Swing


Paladin is one of the two Human transformations. It is obtainable after clearing Generation 2.

Dark Knights

Dark Knight is the second Human transformation, and is obtained by clearing the Dark Knight Quest.


Falcon is the transformation available to Elves. It is obtainable after clearing Generation 2.


Beast is the transformation available to Giants. It is obtainable after clearing Generation 2.


  • This table is assuming all transformation skills are at rank 1.
  • The values listed directly comes from the skills themselves and do not include the bonuses gained from the Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Will, and Luck stats gained from the skills.
  • Blue indicates the highest in comparison to the other transformations, red indicates the lowest.
    • For cases where Dark Knight has less than 100% chance of being the highest or lowest, Dark Knight and the second place will both be highlighted.
Paladin Dark Knight Beast Falcon
Secondary Active Skills - Control of Darkness Giant Full Swing Elven Magic Missile
Additional Health 650 650-1300 800 500
Additional Mana 300 300-600 200 700
Additional Stamina 1200 250-725 600 400
Additional Strength 250 120, 200, 360 200 200
Additional Intelligence 0 120, 200, 360 200 200
Additional Dexterity 250 120, 200, 360 200 200
Additional Will 50 0 200 200
Additional Luck 0
Additional Minimum Damage 34 0 12 15
Additional Maximum Damage 34 0 18 30
Additional Magic Attack 0
Additional Minimum Injury Rate 68 48 0 0
Additional Maximum Injury Rate 68 68 0 0
Additional Critical 0 12, 20, 36 12 18
Additional Balance 12 10 30 18
Additional Defense 15 0 0 0
Additional Protection 6 0 18 18
Additional Magic Defense 12 0 0 0
Additional Magic Protection 4 0 0 0
Additional Armor Pierce 0
Passive Defense Activation Bonus 80% 100% 100% 80%
Damage Reduction (%) 20
Melee Auto Defend Rate (%) 30 20 30 30
Non-Melee Delay Reduction (%) 30 60 30 30
Non-Melee Knockdown Gauge Reduction (%) 40


Demigod can be used even while any of the race specific transformations are activated.

Awakening of Light.png Awakening of Light
Spear of Light.png Spear of Light
Fury of Light.png Fury of Light
Shadow Spirit.png Shadow Spirit
Wings of Rage.png Wings of Rage
Wings of Eclipse.png Wings of Eclipse


Nacsent Divinity cannot be used while any the other transformations are activated.

Nascent Divinity.png Nascent Divinity
Divine Blast.png Divine Blast
Nova Obliteration.png Nova Obliteration
Blink.png Blink