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Records of the Bangor Seal Stone Investigation

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Records of the Bangor Seal Stone Investigation[1]
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A book that describes the methods of destroying the seal stone located on the Bangor town entrance side from the Gairech Hill. It seems to be a collection of correspondence.

Obtain From Aeira
Price 3000
Tradability Tradable
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Also known as

Letter from Bangor Sealstone Investigator
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

Letter from Bangor Sealstone Investigator

written by Logan

Hello, mother.

How are you doing these days?

I'm sorry that I've been so busy with research and studying that I didn't write you more often. I know you are extremely proud of me and my research, but I know that you also miss your son. I though of you today as I started my day.

The reason I am writing you is not only to apologize for my lack of communication but also to tell you why I haven't wrote for so long. Also, I wanted to show you how much I am growing as a scholar. (I know that you will be happy for me)

Not too long ago, there had been a discovery of a large stone on the pathway from Gairech hill to Bangor. Jalumon teacher said that this was definitely a Sealstone and told me to find out the conditions to break the seal.

You would know if you've read Jalumon's previous books I've sent you earlier, but the Sealstone is a mysterious object that appears overnight, blocking pathways where people travel through. The reason for their appearance still remain a mystery, though many scholars have tried to find out. I had only heard about it but had never seen one.

Jalumon is very old in age now and doesn't think he can handle on-site research. So I was sent to the Sealstone to research it.

As a rookie scholar, I know that it will most likely be impossible for me to discover the reason why the stone was created (even though I would love to), so I focused my research on what Jalumon asked of me: to find out the conditions to break the seal.

I had only heard about the stone and was very nervous as I went to see the Sealstone for the very first time. I could hardly sleep the night before.

After spending the night Dunbarton, I went up Gairech hill with my crew for the first time. On our way, we even saw Cromm-Cruaich statue that we only heard about in stories.

Finally, we arrived at the Sealstone at the entrance of Bangor. Its enormous size was truly amazing. Unlike the pictures I've seen from books, the stone had a spiritual energy to it and I just knew this was my calling. I thought about how great it would have been to share this moment with you.

Just as Jalumon's book described, when I went close to the stone, a message came out, saying [Only a person who aims far can break the seal]. It was astonishing! It was as if I met a long last friend. It's hard to explain with words.

After the momentary amazement, I began to wonder what this exactly meant. Who is someone that is aiming far? After pondering the whole day, I thought about the story you told me when I was young, about that man who aimed his bow at the Eweca. I set up my research towards the Eweca and measured the magic energy.

The next day, we realized that my method of research was correct. Someone who aims far referred to a person who had a Bowman's skill, not just someone who had the skill but someone who was highly skilled. Using skill level increments of 1, we calculated that it would take someone with a Range Combat Mastery and Magnum Shot skill level that adds up to 13 or higher.

As you probably already know, Range Combat Mastery skill is basically a skill to shoot an arrow, and Magnum Shot skill makes the arrow much more powerful.

It would've been great if I could break the seal... you know mother, I only love bow and arrow stories, but I'm not really good at it. Fighting is not my forte.

However, the fact that I thought about the story you once told me and succeed in what Jalumon wanted me to find out is something I am extremely proud of. If it wasn't for you who told me these stories when I was a young boy, I don't think I would've figured out how to break the seal.

Thank you mother.

Sorry to ask you for favors every time, but if you know anyone who is a skilled Bowman, please tell them about the Sealstone so that they may possibly break the seal.

As Jalumon told me, the Sealstone is a threat and an obstacle to people, so we must get rid of it as soon as possible. In order to do that, we must get the word out to the people who have the ability to break the seal.

I'm sorry that this letter ended up becoming a long explanation about what I've been doing. There's so much more I want to say but I don't think I can fit it all in this letter. As soon as my work here is done I will write to you again and try to visit you.

I love you. Take care of yourself.

Alban Eiler 12th day, Logan.

  • The day after the letter arrived, Logan's mother grew extremely ill and became bed ridden. She was so proud to hear of her son's accomplishments. She was, however, disappointed that she would not be able to do what her son asked her. She breathed her last breath as she told the healer to publish this letter as a book if she doesn't get better so that others can read it.

As the healer in charge of her, with the permission of Logan, I have published this book.