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Remote Administrative Office Coupon

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Remote Administrative Office Coupon.png Remote Administrative Office Coupon Dropped.png
1 x 1 Dropped

This convenient ticket remotely connects you to an administrative office from a distance; you cannot move while using an administrative office, and this item disappears once you close the office window.

Methods to Obtain

  • Can be obtained as an Advanced Play daily item.
  • Can be bought from the Item Shop.
    • Sold for 200 NX for 1, and 800 NX for 5 (save 200 NX [20%]).

Used In

  • Recovering lost items from the Lost and Found.
    • The recovery price for an item from the Lost and Found is a little more than the resale price. It is close to half the value of the item.
  • Can stack up to 5 and takes up 1x1 inventory.
  • Does not expire and can be kept stored for long periods of time.