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Lost and Found

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Future content.png The content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.

Basic Information

Previously, on death, there would be a chance to drop worn equipment that was not Blessed. If the player chose to revive somewhere other than on the spot, the dropped items would be sent to the Lost and Found (sometimes called Town Office). Items may still be held, talk to any Lost and Found NPC to access them.

Options that would send all dropped items to the Lost And Found:

  • Revive at the Dungeon Entrance
  • Revive at the last Statue of Goddess
  • Revive at the Nearest Town

Additionally, leaving a mission or dungeon after being revived without picking up the items would also result in the items being transferred to the Lost and Found, but only if the item didn't disappear due to Item Value Degradation over time.

Recovering Items

  • One must pay in Gold to recover the item(s) stored within it. You can also destroy the item for no charge.
  • Only 20 items can be stored in the Lost and Found at one time. If the limit is reached, older items would have been automatically destroyed.
  • The recovered item will be automatically blessed.
  • A normal item with very little proficiency that is in Lost and Found can be recovered for half the store price for the item. Otherwise, the full price will be paid.

Permanent Loss

  • If one revived and failed to pick up the fallen items, or chose the "Revive on Location" or "Revive by Nao" option and failed to pick up the fallen items, they would not go to the Lost and Found. They would simply be lost forever, if you waited too long to revive or to pick up the item after revival, the item would simply disappear; the time for this is based on the item's NPC shop value. It's generally about 1 minute for every 100g in value.

Lost And Found NPCs

Portrait Who Where
Duncan.png Duncan Tir Chonaill
Eavan.png Eavan Dunbarton
Galvin.png Galvin Emain Macha
Andras.png Andras Taillteann
Lezarro.png Lezarro Tara
Castanea.png Castanea Filia
Voight.png Voight Cor
Ethna.png Ethna Qilla
Krug.png Krug Vales
Shayla.png Shayla Belvast