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Resting Guide

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Resting Guide[1]
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A book that explains that you can treat your body right with a skill like the Rest skill.
Read this book carefully to raise the Rest skill from rank E to D.

Obtain From Nora's secret shop,
River Sahagin Ranger, River Sahagin Fighter
Price 3800 gold
Tradability Untradable
Effects Raise the Rest skill from rank E to D
Reward {{{reward}}}
Crafted Into
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- How to Rest the Right Way -
By Adamnan


Is your neck stiff from fatigue? Are your eyes tired to the point where everything seems blurry? Do you feel an occasional headache, as well as constantly carry around cold and other minor illnesses? Did you rapidly lose weight and find yourself shivering in warm weather? If so, then you and you alone are actually responsible for taking your body to the limit.

This means your body may be moving to the way you intend it to move, but it also shows how ignorant you can be in terms of what your body is actually capable of doing. Has anyone who's reading this book actually thinks about how much fatigue your body causes by moving your body in a way you intend it to move?

Some really ignorant people actually believe minor injuries do not cause any long-term harm to their bodies, so they completely ignore treating the injury. In fact, even minor injuries like that can cause serious ramifications to your body, be it short or long-term.

It just seems like most people ignore the pleas from the body and push it to the brink by sheer will. That kind of mindset will NOT allow you to enjoy an active life that you deserve.

Then what should you do? First, you'll have to separate your mind and will from your body, and really listen to what your BODY wants.

Even if it's something minor, once your body moves, you should always take the appropriate rest, along with eating balanced meals with balanced nutrients, and generally try to keep your body in tip-top shape.

This also applies to individuals that may not use their bodies quite often. This is actually something most people ignore, but our body is conditioned to move, and it's essential that our body move on a regular basis.

Please remember that this is happening to your body. Not others, but yours. This happens quite often, that a seemingly healthy individual will ignore rest, catch some minor sickness at first, and moves rapidly to the point of no return. For anyone that reads this book, I strongly recommend following these Resting procedures to make sure your body is well enough to experience everything this place can offer.


Resting does not simply consist of sitting down, staring at nothing, with nothing particular in mind. Even when resting, you need to know the purpose of resting, and need to constantly communicate with your body to take proper measures to REST. You need to keep studying your body and find out what your body can take, how your body responds to certain types of rest, and others.

Please remember the fact that resting is a preparation method for future activities by the means of lessening the body movement for a second. This guide will show you how to communicate with your body while resting.

Concentrate When Breathing

Breathing just because your body automatically breathes can be considered a dead breath. When resting, it is highly recommended to inhale big, and exhale just as big. But then again, it's not just the matter of breathing heavy, but it's much more than that. Instead of breathing in hard for your chest to come out, try practicing with your stomach. It stimulates blood flow, and by breathing in heavily, you may also eliminate some dirty elements from your body.

BUT, when you're doing this, please stay away from over-populated areas, where dusts are everywhere. I strongly recommend taking a rest at a field somewhere where it's far from anything else.

Look Far

Usually the ones that either read the book or work for a prolonged time suffers from lack of focus with their eyes, or cloudy vision. When this happens, stop what you're doing, rest for a second, and set your focus in different directions and work your eyes out for a bit.

But remember that our eyes aren't just sensitive to directions, but also distance. Don't stop the eye training on that, and try seeing afar, then see up close, and change the focus to numerous different distances.

Massaging the areas around your eye to stimulate blood flow helps, too.

Massage Your Hand

If you were carrying items for long periods of time, then all your senses and blood flow is concentrated on the tip of your hand. This is especially true when you're carrying a heavy item for a long time, and it'll irritate the skin on your hand or the blood flow on your hand will stop, since everything is on the tip of your hand.

When your hands are fatigued to the point where it doesn't move the way you want it to move, then it can pose as a serious threat to your health. When this happens, massage each tip of your fingers to stimulate blood flow, which will in turn hasten the recovery.

Take Care of Your Feet

When you walk for a long time, the blood will bound to be flowing more towards the feet and the legs, and this will create a general lack of blood flow to the rest of the body. When this happens, first sit to alleviate some of the weight the legs have been carrying around. Place your feet at a high place, and massage them with your hands. The best way to help your feet recover from fatigue would be to first remove your shoes, massage between your feet, and if you have a dry cloth, gently dry your feet to make sure your feet stay dry. After doing these, when you stand up, you'll feel a lot more refreshed and ready to go.

Eat Balanced Meals

When people rest, they tend to eat. Even so, there are some rules you should abide when eating while resting.

  • Don't just eat anything.
  • Don't eat only a certain type of food.
  • Eat something that's fully cooked.
  • Don't overeat.
  • When eating, always take note of your body's status,

Camp-sharing is good for when you're hungry, but if you eat it with the sole intent of gaining stamina when you really aren't hugry, it'll result in ruining your body balance.

You'll also need to think about when to eat what kind of food. It's not a healthy thing to be too obsessed with your body, but overeating is never a good way to eat.

I would really ask that you listen to people who are suffering from joint problems because they have gained uncontrollable amount of weight.


This covers the basics of resting.

Resting is a good way for you to communicate with your body, and this book covers different methods to alleviate fatigue by means of breathing, massaging hands & feet, eyes, and balanced eating. Please know that this is just general information; you're the one communicating with your own body, so it's important that you use this book as a bible towards finding your own set of methods to figure out How to Rest the Right Way with your body.

Putting this book to practice will result in immediate impact, but when you have found your own methods of resting through communicating with your own body, that's when you have reached the point of being one with your own body.

You only have one body, and your health is not guaranteed. It is so much harder for one to recover the ailing body back to its original state, so I strongly recommend you take care of your body NOW to prevent that from happening.

Please know that this is only a beginning. It's up to you to figure out how to communicate with your body, not just through rest, but through other activities. It's your body, and it's up to you to take care of it.