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Portrait of Nora
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Inn Helper
Location Tir Chonaill (Outside Inn)
(Outside Inn)
Repair Tailor Repairs, 94%

Track I'm Fine


A girl with a well-ironed green apron that looks beautiful with her honey-blonde hair. Leaning forward with an innocent look, her bright eyes beam with the azure color of a serene lake. Dangling at the tip of her earlobes are cross earrings that peek in and out of her full shiny hair.

Nora is an inn worker in Tir Chonaill. Her job there consists of a large gamut, but she is keen on meeting new people every day.

Having lost her parents, she is being raised by her uncle, Piaras. Her shortcoming nonetheless, Nora is a bright and optimistic young lady. There have been accounts, however, of her mournful singing near graves of her parents. Her beautiful singing is reportedly why Malcolm fell in love with her in the first place.

Nora has an especial hate for those who condescend to her as if she were a child. Appropriately, she dislikes gifts of such nature, as well.

Favorite Items

  • The name of the closest NPC selling a favorite item is in bold.
Gift Price Sold by
Bread 56g Caitin, Tracy, Glenis, Jennifer, Effie, Granites and Ruwai
Hammer 100g Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites, Zeder
Slice of Cake 100g Caitin, Glenis, Jennifer
Heart Cake 150g Caitin, Glenis, Jennifer
Underwear Set 600g Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites, Zeder

Special Access

Nora has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of intimacy with her. Put simply, you need to give her a number of items that she likes and these are listed in the "Favorite Items" section above. See the "How to impress an NPC" section on the Secret Shops page for more information.

You will know you have accessed the shop when she says:

  • Private Story:

My mom and dad are resting in the graves behind here.
I heard that my mom died while giving birth to me and my dad from a disease.
If we could have had a healer like Dilys in the town then...
Sometimes...I feel bitter about it.

  • Nearby Rumors:

Caitlin cooks food for our Inn.
She must be very busy and tired because more travelers are coming to our town.
Still, she never complains to anyone.
I'm really impressed seeing how considerate she can be.


Tailoring Price
Tailoring Kit 200g
Cheap Finishing Thread x 1 50g
Cheap Finishing Thread x 5 250g
Regular Silk Weaving Gloves 1,000g
Cheap Fabric x 1 100g
Cheap Fabric x 5 500g
Common Finishing Thread x 1 250g
Common Finishing Thread x 5 1,250g
Fine Finishing Thread x 1 500g
Fine Silk Weaving Gloves 3,000g
Fine Finishing Thread x 5 2,500g
Fine Fabric Weaving Gloves 4,000g
Finest Fabric Weaving Gloves 5,000g
Common Fabric x 1 1,000g
Finest Finishing Thread x 5 12,500g
Finest Silk Weaving Gloves 4,000g
Finest Finishing Thread x 1 2,500g
Common Fabric x 5 5,000g
Sewing Patterns Price
Popo's Skirt (F) 400g
Mongo's Traveler Suit (F) 1,250g
Mongo's Traveler Suit (M) 1,250g
Magic School Uniform 1,700g
Cores' Healer Dress (F) 3,000g
Cores' Healer Suit 4,000g
Cores' Healer Gloves 4,600g
Mongo's Hat 11,250g
Magic School Uniform (F) 11,500g
Cloth Mail 25,500g
Riding Suit 73,000g
Spark Leather Armor 121,000g
Gift Price
Teddy Bear 150g
Bunny Doll 250g
Pearl Necklace 300g
Gift Ring 500g
Etc. Price
Altar of Restoration 500g
Quest (and rewards) Price
Collect Small Gems
5 exp; 1 small green gem
Collect Small Green Gems
10 exp; 1 small blue gem
Collect Small Green Gems
10 exp; 20g
Collect Small Blue Gems
20 exp; 1 small red gem
Collect Small Blue Gems
20 exp; 50g
Collect Small Red Gems
50 exp; 1 small silver gem
Collect Small Red Gems
50 exp; 200g
Collect Small Silver Gems
100 exp; 1,200g
Cooking Appliances Price
Cooking Knife 830g
Ladle 874g
Rolling Pin 1,030g
Cooking Table 1,821g
Cooking Pot 23,000g

Nora's Equipment