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Seal Stone Research Almanac : Ciar Dungeon

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Solidarity Research on Sealstone Installation: The Ciar Dungeon as the Center [1]
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A book written by Jarmon, a folklore scholar who explores the origin and nature of the Ciar Dungeon Seal.

Obtain From Piaras, Aeira
Price 1000
Tradability Tradable
Effects Int + 1
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- Research for the Sealstone : Ciar Dungeon -

Written by Jarman


I have studied the Partholon clan for many years through the research of the region's customs and folklore. What stood out to me the most in my research was their fascination with the Seal Stone. So, for awhile, I have been pondering about this Steal Stone; what is it? what is its significance? and does it pose a threat or opportunities to mankind?. There, I felt the urge to correct the misconceptions regarding the studies of breaking the seal. Once I finally received a contract to publish my book, I published a collection of my research data titled, A Study on the Seal Stone: Surrounding Rabbie Dungeon.

I was surprised by the public's deep interest with this previous book. Many people sent me encouraging letters, stating that they were able to better understand what the Seal Stone is. There were also letters from those who said that they held misconceptions about the Seal Stone. These letters allowed me see the fruits of my labor as an author and a scholar. Feeling encouraged from the fact that I was able to reveal the true purposes of the study on breaking the seal, I decided to extend my research to the study of the people in Ulaid. I decided to write another book on the other Seal Stone in Tir Chonaill, located in Ciar dungeon,

If my previous book was a deductive report, starting with a general interest in the Steal Stone, I wrote this book from an inductive standpoint, to verify the established scholarly theory by estimating the Seal Stone's age. The content of this book may be difficult to understand for beginners. This is because this book is not a manual but an academic research paper. However, if you are interested in the Seal Stone, you might learn thing or two from this book. You won't regret it. Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to my faithful volunteer, Sezaic, who provided research crucial to this book and helped finish this report with constructive advice.

-Baltane 6th day. Jarman.

The necessity for measuring the era of SealStone

In my previous book, A Study on the Seal Stone: Surrounding Rabbie Dungeon, I stated that the current theory in academia is that the Seal Stone was constructed to protect villagers from monsters, who appeared after the Mag Tuireadh war. However, this is still only a theory, which is only based on a few historical documents.

Then, how could we test to see if this theory is true or false? Because uncovering this theory's authenticity will serve as a crucial index between the 3 different school of thoughts, it's a must for anyone who studies the Seal Stone to attempt at this challenge. If research shows that the current theory is false, it will disprove that the Seal Stone was made by ancient civilization and will have to be concluded that it was made by an unknown force. This has serious implications, such as entirely changing the foundation of existing schools of thought, especially the shool of preservation and protection. Therefore, accurately accrediting the Seal Stone's creator is a problem with monumental importance.

So where do we begin? Where can we find evidence that could successfully uncover the truth or falsehood of this theory. I selected the age of the Seal Stone as my criteria. If we can accurately determine when the Seal Stone was created, and if it matches the time period of the documents which mention the Seal Stone, it will confirm the theory's authenticity. On this topic, my long time research volunteer, Sezaic, provided his research data.

Sezaic's Results

Sezaic has a published book Theory on Magic Measuring the Historical Age, and has pioneered serious research on the identity of the magic which protects the Seal Stone. He has spent time researching magic that can measure the age of a rock, dead tree and soil, and has once announced that he has found a method to measure the age of most objects, except animate creatures.

Sezaic's report has piqued the interest of scholars who study ancient history and customs, such as myself. On the other hand, becuase of the magic's ability to also determine counterfeit antiques, there is word that the report also drew a strange interest from antique shops. This shows that magic can be used for commercial purposes.

I was convinced that his magic would greatly benefit my research, and I expressed to him, my desire to use the magic. Sezaic saw how passionate I was about this, and he graciously consented for me to use the magic without anything in return. If this magic works on the Seal Stone, and I could determine its age, this will set a monumental cornerstone on this study which defies all school of thoughts.

But I did not yet imagine I would face to the great obstacle in applying my initial outline.

Overview for Ciar Dungeon

I choose the SealStone on Dungeon, especially Ciar Dungeon out of many SealStone. Because I thought there were no many problems in getting the written clue for measuring era for SealStone since I have studied about the Partholon in my half life. And there were advantages that I could understand the effect of SealStone on the life of human and the relation between them. Moreover, it was possible to compare with Rabbie Dungeon.

Then, Ciar Dungeon is what place? Ciar Dungeon is in south of Tir Chonaill and dangerous region with many fierce wild animals to have the important meaning for the Partholon and their descentants as the test field for the young of Tir Chonaill.

Ciar Dungeon is an archaic word, means black Dungeon. As like any other Dungeon including Rabbie Dungeon, it has record of this is a underground maze generated by side-effect of the magical energy from the ancient fortress rath which constructed very fastly using the magic. And, it is recorded that, its entrance and exit are also designaged by the statue of Goddess Morrighan as same with other Dungeon, and there has been remained the resources accumulated in War Mag Tuireadh within it.

With composing several situations and current studies for the SealStone of Ciar Dungeon, it can be thought the SealStone was constructed here during the reign of King Lugh, whom is the god of light and king of light after War Mag Tuireadh, and if you approach this Dungeon you can get the vicious message as follows.

"Only the person with strong power can destroy this Seal"

It has not been known how much is it the strong power. (Since nobody can destroy it until now) The people in here believe the person who break the Seal will appear in some day, and the very person is called Ciar Seal Breaker. There is distinguishable legend for Ciar Seal Breaker in Ulaid, the person with this title will get the Bless of increasing striking power and healing capacity from the statue of Morrighan. Though it is impossible whether this legend is true or not since it has been transferred only by orally, but if the Ciar Seal Breaker really appears, it is merely a question of time that to confirm the legend.

SealStone in Ciar Dungeon

Book sealstone ciar 1.jpg

SealStone of Ciar Dungeon. Era measuring examination was conducted during the last Alban Elved. I prepared an itinerary with Sezaic, several magic scholars, and warriors for guarding our lives to explore the southern region of Tir Chonaill in place for Ciar Dunteon through Dugald Aisle. We could reach the Ciar Dungeon by defeating fierce wild animals with helping from shepherd boy seemed the villager of Tir Chonaill.

We were excited on that we examined the historical experiment for SealStone, and exercised the magic spell of Sezaic to the SealStone of Ciar Dungeon. In that time, we were filled with pride and self-confidence that we opened the door of SealStone. But we... failed.

There was no problem in Exercising, but there had no change in the magic reagent which for measuring the era. We started to discuss and reviewed, whether some unexpected problems were occurred during exercising, or the magic spell would not act for the period of Alban Elved.

We inspected all our process thoroughly at the risk of our life, in that dangerous region filled with wild hungry animals. But there were no mistakes in any point.

The people who resolved this dillemma were the very magic scholars, in their opinions, the ancient magic which protected the SealStone from external force conflicted with our magic to make impossible the means for measuring era. That is to say, we should dissolve the protective magic on SealStone to use our Era Measuring Magic. We made effors to dissolve it but all our trials were failed.

In spite of this disastrous situation, we could get something in our professional fields.


Some were from our well-informed field. These can be classified three parts, first, in my case;

In such situation, I concluded our magic would not apply on it, and determined to turn our plan. If it is impossible to direct measure the era of SealStone, it may be measured the era of something to be changed by constructing SealStone, that is, measured the era of trace and the time it was changed and induce the establishing era for SealStone.

It was surely used the various measures in movint this vast rock. (For this, see Research for the Sealstone : Rabbie Dungeon) It must be impossible not to leave any trace around it since the SealStone cannot be moved with modern measures, though there were any advanced magic skill.

That is, when the environments were started to change by constructing SealStone. The change from the shadow of SealStone, broken tree, and soild extruded by SealStone. It measures the constructing era of SealStone by observing the above.

It may be difficult to find the precise era through this method, but I think it will be sufficient to find important clues for constructing era of SealStone using the magic skill by Sezaic.

We started to examine the state of an aged tree, shrub aroud there, and the soil erosion, and as a result of that we could measure the era with 80 years error range. Though the both extremity have 10-15 years error with our initial expectation, but it may be satisfied result to support the established theory.

In addition to, accompanied magic scholars could grasp the condition for dissolving the SealStone using the method to extract the coefficient of Conservation Law of Mana.

Conservation Law of Mana is very simple principle to beginner wizard, if some amount of Mana is required in exercising some magic skill, then the same amount of Mana is to be required in exercising the counter-magic skill of that. Of course, it is essential to understand the coefficient for Mana Conservation which changes by the relation of these two magic skills.

Accompanied magic scholars tried to dissolve the protective magic by finding the counter-magic, but it was resulted it was impossible only with them since this protective magic was exercised by vast amount of Mana. But they understood the relation between these two magic skills and calculated the coefficient for Mana Conservation. Using it, they also calculated the condition for dissolving the protective magic. The condition for dissolving the protective magic calculated by them is physical strength 35. Anyone who has the physical strength 35 can break SealStone of the Ciar Dungeon and to be Seal Breaker. This is very severe condition, but it's not impossible. We believe this condition will be satisfied and Ciar Seal Breaker can be appeared sooner or later.

In case of Sezaic, he had much regret for his magic. He reviewed the protective magic for SealStone carefully, and got the result as follows. It is possible to measure the creating era of SealStone without error if this protective magic is dissolved and the broken piece of SealStone is got. That is, if someone with 35 of physical strength destroy the SealStone and get the honor of Ciar Seal Breaker, while if we get the broken piece of it and grasp the era for it using the Era Measuring Magic, we can get the result which can suppor the theory that, the current SealStone is a safety device for protecting themselves.

Though we failed in our initial study, but there is a meaning we get the results which hold the positive result not denying the current theories or our hypothesis and .


Book sealstone ciar 2.jpg

A short time ago from publishing this book, Sezaic gave the news he succeeded in measuring the era of SealStone in other region. The construction era of that SealStone is same with the era written on literature of before or after of War Mag Tuireadh. But the literature has not records for the fact of constructing such SealStone different from the case of Ciar Dungeon, so it seems to be against the original object of study to uncover the real era of written era. In these reasons, we expect Ciar Seal Breaker destroy the SealStone of Ciar Dungeon and solve the history of SealStone.

Wishing to the appearance of such warrior to destroy the SealStone, and contributing to finish the discussion about the constructing era of SealStone.

If you are a person with 35 of physical strength, run to Ciar Dungeon and try to test your capability. Blessing the Aton Cimeni and Morrighan to you read this book...