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Seal Stone Research Almanac : Dugald Aisle

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Seal Stone Research Almanac : Dugald Aisle[1]
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A book written by Jarmon, a folklore scholar who explores the origin and nature of the Dugald Aisle Seal.

Obtain From Piaras, Aeira
Price 1000
Tradability Tradable
Effects Int + 1
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- New Research on the Sealstone: Dugald Aisle's Sealstone -

written by Jalumon

1. Preface

This book is the last volume of the three set book on Sealstones. The others covered the Sealstone in Rabbie dungeon and Ciar dungeon. This book deals with the Sealstone in Tir Chonaill.

After the book on Ciar dungeon's Sealstone came out, there was a huge response from adventurers. I received many letters saying that they were touched by the hard work and sacrifice of researchers who put themselves in danger. This made me proud. I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for their help. It couldn't have been done without them.

I also received letters from people who were anticipating another book on Sealstones. However, I didn't really have anything more to write, or even feel the need to write more on this topic

I was getting ready to retire until something unexpected happened, which convicted me to take responsibility for my two other books. That is why I have picked up the pen once more to write this book.

This unexpected event happened as I heard that there was a landslide in Dugald Aisle, a pathway that connects Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton.

This book is a record about how I came to this new conclusion, and it is me taking responsibility for the wrong information in my two previous books. It also captures the very moment when my life's work, and everything I thought I knew changed.

I thank all my colleagues who have helped me publish this new book. If there are still false information in this book despite their help, I take full responsibility for it.

-Imbolic 12th day. Jalumon.

2. Summary of Tir Chonaill & Dugald Aisle

Before I start, I need to explain a little about Tir Chonaill, where the incident happened. (As I mentioned in my previous writings, I have spent many years researching Tir Chonaill's customs and culture)

Tir Chonaill is a small mountainous town in Ulaid, on the outskirts of Aliech kingdom. It's a town created by the descendents of Partholons, who founded the Ulaid kingdom long ago. Their kingdom lost its power after they lost its battle with the Fomors and the tragedy at Tallaght. After, they migrated to the small town now known as Tir Chonaill. Since then, they have been isolated from the outside world for the most part. (We will discuss about the fame of the warriors in this town later)

Today, the people of Tir Chonaill govern themselves and live autonomously outside the control of Aliech kingdom. Therefore many scholars use Tir Chonaill as a key evidence as to how past customs and cultures have been preserved today.

There are several ways to get to Tir Chonaill, but due to the geographical structure and the appearance wild animals (especially for old and weak scholars like me), average people cannot use it.

Book sealstone tirchonaill 01.jpg

There is only one regular pathway which is Dugald Aisle. It is a mountain road that goes from the eastern border of the Antrim mountains in Dunbarton. I have used this pathway to go in and out of Tir Chonaill when I needed to research Ciar and Alby dungeons. Almost all of traffic between Tir Chonaill and the rest of the Aliech kingdom happens through here. This means that anything that happens on this road potentially affects the connector from present to past.

3.Incident at Dugald Aisle

It's time I explain to you why I decided to write this book.

I was at the City Hall, looking for the record of people who have researched Tir Chonaill when I heard about the incident that happened at Dugald Aisle.

They said there was an accident at the entrance of Dugald Aisle, stopping any kind of traffic going in and out of Tir Chonaill. What happened was that there was a stone on top of the mountain which had water seeped inside the cracks. The change in temperature caused the water to split the stone and the broken pieces of rocks began tumbling down the mountain. The rocks came down with so much force, hitting other rocks and trees. it caused a landslide. It is very strange for a landslide to happen here because the mountain is covered with trees and there are strict regulation for woodcutters. Thankfully there were no deaths or injuries, but the Lumber Camp was a bit damaged as well as the forest.

Immediately, workers in the region were hired to restore the Aisle. Thanks to their efforts, Dugald Aisle has almost been restored fully...except one thing. There is a large stone that is now stuck on the entrance that goes into Dugald Aisle from Dunbarton. They said no matter how much people tried, the stone wouldn't budge.

4. The Meaning of the Stone

After I heard this news, I knew by intuition that this stone was a Sealstone. However, I realized that would actually disprove everything I had said previously in my books.

In my previous writings regarding Alby and Ciar dungeon, I mentioned that it is believed that the Sealstones were created by ancient humans after the Mag Tuired war. However, if this stone that just sealed Tir Chonaill is really a Sealstone, the very foundation on the research of Sealstones would change.

The fact that the workers could not move the stone raised the potential that this stone was really a Sealstone. If the stone has the Sealstone symbol and if there's a message that comes out from the stone, we will clearly know whether if it's a Sealstone or not. Then all the research on Sealstone's will have to start over.

5. The Stone on site

I received the request from the lord in Dunbarton, and just as I did when I researched Ciar dungeon's Sealstone, I formed a research crew (Unfortunately, Sezaic who passed away, could not join me this time) and headed towards the stone.

Although reconstruction had been finished, I was able to see scattered rocks and fallen trees still lying around. After about two days, we were able to arrive at the stone. The stone was a bit larger than other Sealstones, but it was shaped like a Sealstone. The stone was quite deeply buried in the ground so I could not check for the Sealstone symbol. At the same time, the stone wasn't small enough where I could go over the stone either.

Book sealstone tirchonaill 02.jpg

One of the workers suggested that we climb the stone, but the force within the stone didn't allow for any cracks to grab onto. It was impossible to tie a rope around it either. There was another idea of stacking dirt next to the stone, but it would take too long and be a waste of time to use the few workers that was left to stack dirt as high as the stone. We also concluded that it would be impossible for people to simply climb over the stone to go in and out of town. The stone had to be removed.

Although the stone was protected by some force, there wasn't a message that came up when I went near it.. We started to wonder if this was some sort of variation of a Sealstone.

6. Confirmation Procedure

First, we began unearthing the dirt around the stone to check for the Sealstone mark. The other magic scholars began testing to see if the force of the stone was the same type as other Sealstones. Finally, I began researching for the conditions to break this stone by checking the Mana count, a method I had learned from Sezaic.

On the third day of our operation, we found the magic scroll symbol inscribed on the stone. And surprisingly, the mysterious message came out once we discovered the symbol.

[Only the one who has mastered various skills can break the seal]

Not too long after, we learned that the magic contained in the stone was exactly the same as that of Sealstones. When we converted the Mana count to the skill level required by the stone's message (this process took a lot of trial and error) we calculated that when using increments of 1, it would add up to someone with a skill level of 20 to break the seal.

Just like that, all our previous research on Sealstones needed major editing. As this new Sealstone sealed an entrance that was passable merely a few months ago, it seemed fair to say that the construction of Sealstones are not only of the past, but it is still happening today.

7. Reactions from Academia

My new research caused a huge ripple effect in the world of academia. When I first presented my research, several scholars questioned the validity of it (the stone in Dugald Aisle is no doubtedly a Sealstone). Others, such as scholars from the school of Preservation who place value on the historical importance of Sealstones, and scholars from the school of Protection who want to study the stones as is were suspicious of my findings as well. They questioned if I somehow found a way to recreate the whole process. However, both of these assumptions slowly withered away as other scholars conducted their own research and found out for themselves.

Currently, there is an active discussion amongst scholars about a theory that perhaps there is another law that governs all of these occurrences. If this theory is true, there will be no problem even if Sealstones are still created today.

Once it gets proven that this stone wasn't created artificially, by the school of Preservation or Protection, it will prove that the school of Dismantle was right all along surrounding all the issues regarding the Sealstones. (There will be idiotic scholar who suggests that we ought to sacrifice the convenience of people to leave these Sealstones alone that could be formed at anytime)

Although I am disappointed that I wasn't able to figure out the reason why Sealstones are created despite my life long research, I believe it's time now to move past the arguments between the different school of thoughts and approach this problem from a macroscopic view. We need to not only look into why these Sealstones are being created and the conditions in which they are created as well as minimizing any damages and inconvenience it causes on traffic and trade -Imagine if a Sealstone gets placed right where your house is one day!

If Sealstones can be broken, it should be actively broken. There's no reason to demonize or make breaking the seal a taboo. I believe that if a Sealstone is not broken it still has a purpose, and once it's broken there's no more purpose for it. Thus, the more heroes that arise to break the seal, the better it will be for humanity.

Sealstones have been created by ancient civilization and it is appearing even today because of an unknown reason. As you see Sealstones in dungeons, they are there to protect humanity from a certain danger, but once a person with the power to break the seal appears, it is not a threat anymore.

8. Conclusion

Carefully observe the Sealstones around you. Not just the one in Dugald Aisle. Is there a Sealstone that has been there for a long time, or maybe a new Sealstone appeared? Find out if you have the skills to break the seal. You might be the one everyone has been waiting for.

If you are a true adventurer, you will be able to break the seal on the Sealstone at Dugald Aisle. Moreover, when humans come in contact with Sealstones less frequently because of people like you, I believe we will be one step closer to finding out the truth and secret behind these Sealstone.

About the time this book was being published, I heard that the Dugald Aisle's Sealstone still hadn't been broken. The traffic within this area is still cut off, and many are waiting for a hero to come break the seal. Us humans have flourished thus far because of the blessings of Erinn's god Aton Cimeni, so don't forget that. Before my life ends, I hope to hear the good news that Dugald Aisle's Sealstone has been broken. No matter how weak I am by then, I will still rush over to Dugald Aisle to meet this hero face to face.

Lastly, to you who has read this book, and to Sezaic, who is probably already in the land of the Imps by now, thank you...