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Seal Stone Research Almanac : Rabbie Dungeon

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Seal Stone Research Almanac : Rabbie Dungeon[1]
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A book written by Jarmon, a folklore scholar who explores the origin and nature of the Rabbie Dungeon Seal.

Obtain From Piaras, Aeira
Price 1000
Tradability Tradable
Effects Int +1
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- A Study of the Sealstone: Rabbie Dungeon -

written by Jalumon


One sect if scholars have labeled me as a radical scholar who is unconcerned about the people's safety.

However, this is not true. If anything, I pride myself as someone who is most concerned in the potential dangers that could come upon humanity.

Humans have fought danger throughout their existence. The Bans, the earliest of humans, have fought with the dangers of mother nature, while the Nemheds, Partholons, and the Fir Borgs fought the evil and dreadful Fomors for many generations.

If we define human history as a fight for survival, what are some dangers that threaten us today, and what do we need to do about it? Pondering and answering these questions are crucial for the preservation of humanity and for the future.

This book is written to entertain these thoughts. This book explores the stones that have the same inscription as the mark that is found in Magic Scrolls, a scroll that demons use to control animals.

The goal of this book is to find out what this inscribed stone is and its function. I have presented my most current research so that you may fully understand what this stone is about.

Although I am fron the school of Dismantle, I have been very intentional about analyzing these issues from a neutral standpoint. In conclusion, I hope this book will give you the opportunity to learn more about the inscribed stone and critically analyze what this could mean to humanity.

-4 days before Lughnasadh, Jalumon in Emain Macha

The Mysterious Inscribed Stone, Sealstone

Seal Stone Research Almanac - Rabbie Dungeon.png

If you are someone who goes from town to town looking for adventure, or if you have seen a magic scroll that is used to control animals, you might've seen large stones inscribed with the same pattern as magic scrolls.

The existence of these stones were discovered after the battle of Mag Tuired, when humans began expanding. As time passes, the reports of these stones have increased.

Although it is not an exact duplicate, the pattern on the stones is definitely the same as the the ones on the magic scrolls. The size of each stone is different but generally speaking, they are about the size of a house. There have been attempts to transport the stone for research purpose and even political ones, but even with several cows and horses, it was immovable.

Then, why were these gigantic stones placed here? And what is the significance of the distinct inscription? According to the test results of prominent magic scholars in Erinn, it is reported that there is a spell on the stones to protect it from outside force. This spell keeps the stone from being moved or destroyed. More amazingly, it is said that if you go near the stones, you can hear some kind of a message.

The message is [Lesse Pelegose Inbokee Doose Shaladin]. It interprets to [Only the strong can break the seal]. That's it. This is a Sealstone which was created to seal something. Using vision magic, it was confirmed that the Sealstones were sealing near by dungeons and structures. The scholars concluded that these stones were a type of artifact that were used to seal the entrance of specific buildings.

Who Created the Sealstone?

Another unique thing about these Sealstones is their location. It's a mystery how some of these stones got there because there aren't any other stones near it. (Some magic scholars suggest that the spell on the stones prevented it from erosion and weathering while the surrounding environment changed)

So, who could've possibly cast such advanced magic on these stones? Before scholars ever became interested in the stone, there were already rumors circulating amongst people because it looked so out of place and odd.

The most popular theory is that it was created by the evil Fomors. This was based on the fact that the inscription on the stone is the same as on the evil magic scroll. This theory was heavily favored in the beginning stages of research; however it soon lost its validity because the message of the stone was a magic language of humans.

The actual key evidence regarding the Sealstone's installment is found in the recordings written by the new civilizations that emerged after the battle of Mag Tuired. The record states that after the long battle of Mag Tuired against the Fomors, there was a report that Fomor's servant monsters were appearing more frequently in certain areas. To protect the inhabitants of those places, Druids and Palace Magicians were sent from Aliech kingdom to seal the entrance where the monsters were coming from.

Also, the considerable increase of writings regarding magic activity found in the official document and records of Druids support this theory as well. As a result, the most credible theory today is that the Sealstones were created by the ancient mages.

The Sealstone was welcomed initially by the general public as a way to restore peace in their land. However, it has now become a huge obstacle for adventurers and researchers who want to explore these structures. According to the most recent study, the seal does not contain infinite power. This means that it can be broken as long the person is strong enough. This has created a new buzz surrounding the Sealstone.

In the following chapter, I will explain this in more detail.

Conditions to Breaking the Sealstone

In the previous chapter, I talked about the message that flows out of the Sealstone: [Only the strong can break the seal].

The Sealstone was initially placed to protect the people from the monsters. If someone is strong enough to break the seal, this would mean that they would be able to defeat the monsters as well.

(From my years of observing the Sealstone, I believe this "strength" implies to a person's fitness level)

So why does the Sealstone reveal that the seal is breakable? Who could be strong enough to break it? Should we even attempt to break the seal? What would be the outcome? Unfortunately, there hasn't been a consensus on these matters.

The debate about the Sealstone can be divided into three categories: The school of Preservation, Protection, and Dismantle. Each group has different opinions about the matter.

The school of Preservation says that breaking the seal is very dangerous. They are researching on how to reproduce the seal so that they can study it. The school of Protection say that the seal is not there to protect us from monsters but it is an artifact we need to protect. Finally, the school of Dismantle says the Sealstone should be broken once someone strong enough to destroy it appears. They say it will be good opportunity to learn bout the ancient civilizations. There has yet to be any decisions made regarding the Sealstone because of the differing opinions.

The Seal's Status and Progress

However, recently, a group of people called Milesians, which means people descended from the star, have been breaking the Sealstones throughout Aliech kingdon. These people have been breaking the seals and exploring the sealed regions. They say that the broken seal is not recoverable. So, once the seal was broken, anyone was able to go in and out of the opened space. As this news slowly spread throughout the land, the Milesians, who initially broke the seal, were hailed as brave heroes.

Some criticized them for disrupting history and wasting the dungeon's limited resources. However, they were the only ones who were able to defeat the monsters inside as well.

Rabbie Dungeon's Sealstone

The Sealstones are spread all throughout the land of Ulaid, but I want to focus our attention of the Sealstone located at Rabbie dungeon.

Book rabbie 2.jpg

Rabbie dungeon took its name after an adventurer who explored this dungeon. Similar to most dungeons, Rabbie dungeon was as a side effect from the magic energy stored in the ancient combat fortress. There is a Sealstone in front of Rabbie dungeon, and currently, the dungeon's entrance is blocked by this stone.

This Sealstone, like every other Sealstone, sends a message when you go near it saying...

"Only the strong can break the seal."

I believe this means that someone needs to reach a certain character level in order to break the seal. Thus, someone who fits the criteria to break the seal has to unlock the dungeon. Through various research methods, I calculated that this person would need about level 35. Not anyone can reach level 35. It's rare to find someone of this strength. At the same time, it is not impossible either.

Your choice

Earlier, I mentioned about the three different schools of thought regarding the Sealstone. Which side are you on?

Do you think the seal should be preserved, or are you someone who thinks it should be broken?

In the end, it's up to you...

If you choose the former, you will try your best to protect the seal from those who try to break it, and if you choose the latter, I challenge you to become the one to break the seal. You could be the one! You could be the hero to open the one and only Sealstone in Rabbie dungeon.

I don't want anyone to think I am impulsively reacting to the school of Preservation and Protection. It's a free choice to those who are capable of breaking the seal. What's most important is what happens now. Breaking the seal isn't everything. What's more important is that it will open the door to a whole new world. Breaking the dungeon's seal will open the door to limitless dungeons and possibilites.

If you encounter monsters you've never seen before, please let me know right away. It could mean that there is another side to the Sealstone. It is crucial that I carefully keep an eye on anything that could threaten our world.

To those who read this book, I hope that the blessing of Erinn's great god, Aton Cimeni will be with you.