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Sewing Pattern

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Inventory icon of Sewing Pattern

1 × 2

A scroll that contains instructions on how to craft an item.

Basic Information

Sewing Patterns, also known as tailoring manuals, patterns, or manuals, can be used up to 30 times then they break and you have to buy a new one. If you have used most of the Sewing Pattern up, keep in mind they can break half way through a last project if the project you were tailoring uses the pattern more than once, which results in you not completing the outfit and needing to buy a new pattern for completion or giving up.

Some sewing patterns require one to have the Tailoring talent active to use. These sewing patterns would be labeled as Tailoring Exclusive.

Used In

  • Sewing patterns are used to create clothing through the Tailoring skill.
    • Equip a Tailoring Kit and a Sewing Pattern, then use the skill to create clothing.
  • See Tailored Items List for a list of Sewing Patterns.