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Shadow Death

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Not to be confused with Shadow Spirit

Basic Information

Shadow Death.png
  • Possessed only by the Python Knight.
  • The Python Knight casts a dark sphere and then slashes it, sending the shadow in a straight line. Obvious and true to its name, the shadow will instantly kill the target without sending them to Deadly after a few seconds, regardless of their HP and completely bypasses their Defense, Protection, and Mana Shield.
  • When the target is impacted, their body turns tinted black before its effects take in.
  • Cannot be interrupted.
  • Can be used while stunned.
  • Attack should be avoided at all costs except for one point.
    • In the battle with the Python Knight, players are to use the Shadow Stone three times as the Shadow Death touches their body in order to unlock Shadow Spirit. The Shadow Stone will 'cure' the player from the Shadow Death state. Afterwards, the Shadow Stone will disappear from the player's inventories, and are no longer able to defend themselves from the skill.
  • Barrier Spikes can be "killed" from this, however they will still be up. When this happens, the Barrier cannot be dismantled manually; only when its time limit is up.


  • In two cutscenes, the Python Knight uses Shadow Death against his enemies. However, they were simply knocked down/back rather than being killed.