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Shadow Mission Bingo (2011)

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March 21st, 2011 - April 23rd, 2011
Shadow Mission Bingo advertisement


The Quiz Show event has begun, and many players have commented that there isn't a lot to do while waiting for the start of the next quiz. Well, we might have the answer for you: Shadow Mission BINGO!

Shadow Mission Bingo? Exactly! Starting MONDAY, March 21st, you will receive a quest to speak with Padan near the Stonehenge Temporary Headquarters in Tara. Padan will ask you to clear a daily Shadow Mission throughout the week (Monday through Friday).

Completing a daily Shadow Mission will earn you a mark for that day. The goal is to make a BINGO for that week. So, essentially, you will need to complete a daily Shadow Mission Monday through Friday in order to receive a prize.

Can't make it on one of those days? Don't worry! If you miss a day, you can complete a Shadow Mission on Saturday. This will allow you to place a completion sticker on any one of the days you may have missed. Can't make it a specific day? Also, no fear! You can make a BINGO vertically as well. Please note that diagonal BINGOs are not counted. When you make a BINGO, you have a chance to win fun prizes including:[1]


The "Bingo Card" that keeps track of event progress.
  • The bingo chart is labeled as the days of March and April while the event is active.
  • The orange borders indicate the current day, doing a daily mission on that day will earn you one bingo stamp.
  • When you get 5 stamps on a vertical or horizontal line you will get one bingo.
    • When you get a full line stamped you press the flashing bingo button to receive a Bingo Reward.
    • The diagonal from the top-left to the bottom-right will grant you the Bonus Bingo.
  • Before you can be given Bingo Stamps, you must speak to Padan in Tara to complete the quest. Any daily missions done before hand will not count towards your bingo card.
  • Completing either Tara or Taillteann daily shadow missions of any level will give you a stamp.
    • Repeating a Daily Shadow Mission or doing the other town's Daily Shadow Mission would have no effect.
  • The daily shadow missions resets on 7:00am PST.
    • It is possible to do the previous day's daily shadow mission before 7:00am PST but it will not count for the previous day.
  • You can earn one Placement Stamp for a missed day during Samhain (Saturday). No daily mission is necessary to receive the Placement Stamp. (You MAY only make up a stamp for the current week.)
    • Doing a daily on Samhain will not count toward the following week
  • Everyone participating in the Shadow Mission of that day will receive that day's stamp. Regardless of difficulty level or who initiated the Shadow Mission.
  • Daily Shadow Missions on Sunday or outside of the event will have no effect.
  • Stamps are at no point placed in your inventory or considered an item.


Bingo Reward

Perfect Bingo Reward


Bingo Event Quest
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Shadow Mission Bingo Event.

Briefing Padan, the Tara Royal Guard Captain, is holding a special Bingo Event drill. Visit Padan, the Tara Royal Guard Captain
  • Talk to Padan, the Tara Royal Guard Captain.
  • 11,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

You will obtain a Orange Wing of the Goddess when you log in.

Tara Royal Guard Bingo Drill
How to Get Quest

Talk to Padan in Bingo Event Quest.

  • Get a Stamp daily by completing Today's Shadow Mission.
  • Fill 1 line with Stamps to get a bingo and receive a reward.
  • Every Saturday (Samhain) you can place a Stamp on any of that week's slots.
  • Fill the entire bingo board with Stamps for a Perfect Bingo Reward.
  • Clear Today's Mission. [25]
  • Get a bingo by collecting stamps every day. [11]
  • 10,000 Experience Points
  • 1 Mabinogi School Backpack