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Shakespeare's Journal

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Shakespeare's Journal[1]
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An ancient journal kept by Shakespeare, detailing his life in Erinn. The remaining pages are crumbling from age and water damage. You should divine its secrets while you can.

Obtain From Generation 15 "Shylock's Contract" quest.
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
-Shakespeare's Journal-
by William Shakespeare

Before Beginning

The earth and sky here have no name that I know of. I have counted the days until the number lost its meaning to me. There is still no way home.

I'll count the days no longer, it is for me to look to the future, and for this book to record the past. Perhaps that is why Bella gave it to me.


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 2

Soul Stream.
That is what Bella called it. What does the name signify? I have been there many times, but its secrets remain hidden to me. I feel naught but loneliness when I am there.

Where is Bella? And why was Bella there that day? Was she waiting for me? Oh, to be able to divine the past, instead of the future...


(Some parts of the page are missing, perhaps worn away over time.)

Pg. 6

Is it tomorrow that Bella will return? She leaves Avon for days at a time. I do not ask where she goes, just as she does not ask where I am from.

I tire of playing the flute for the woodland creatures. Bella laughs when I play poorly...perhaps I should practice making mistakes, instead.


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 8

I'm sorry for always being alone...

I'm sorry for not protecting you...

I'm sorry.


(Some parts of the page are missing, perhaps worn away over time.)

Pg. 17

...I never thought I would lose Bella again like that. I knew I would lose her, but... There came that one night, black as an abyss, when I saw them... Cichol, Morrighan, and Bella.

Were they meeting for the first time? Somehow, I think not. I have so many dreams here in Erinn...yet it becomes no easier to divine their meanings.

Those blurred, mumbling figures began to come into my focus within my mind, and doing so, left their shadowy mark on my memory.

Prophetic dreams... I imagine just about everyone who has ever lived has imagined how fortunate they would be, if only they could see the future coming.

But they cannot imagine what a curse it can be. My mind is filled with images of people fighting, suffering, dying... And then there is Bella. But that dream...


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 24

The Goddess seems furious that the children of Partholon were saved. I think she feels more threatened by my prophetic dreams than anything...

I have no regrets. I would save those children again, no matter the consequences. Those children were innocents. I'll follow no code of justice that bids innocents to be sacrificed to an epidemic like that.


(Some parts of the page are missing, perhaps worn away over time.)

Pg. 31


No one knows why the Goddess of War fights to protect humans. Not even I, and I have served her faithfully for years. But I cannot afford to question her now. She is the key to finding Cichol...the one who took Bella from me.


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 43

In such a short time, the Royal Castle of Rath has filled with splendor. I have been carrying trees and hoarding money...but it is not enough. I must be stronger.

Pg. 59

More Fomors press into Neved by the day. My body can't keep up...I was injured earlier, and I can still feel the burning in my shoulder.

It does not matter. I cannot fall until I find Cichol.

Pg. 60

I never get used to losing friends. No matter how many times I live, or how many people I meet... I never get used to it.

I miss Bella more than usual tonight.


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 85

Cromm Cruaich... I shielded my eyes against the roar and the blast. When I looked again, Cromm Cruaich was already gone. Did Nuadha lead me into a trap? I can't trust him...

I feel that his disappointment in humans is becoming a deep-seated hatred.


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 90

Morrighan! Where are you? I call her and call her, but no answer comes. After she had turned to stone, she seemed to forget our promise. She was not even moved by my condemnation.


(Some parts of the page are missing, perhaps worn away over time.)

Pg. 94

Last night...
I dreamt of you reading my journal. Are you reading it now? Who are you?

You don't look like any hero I've ever seen...


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 101

Jabchiel's wrath was horrifying. Those moon stones he commanded have laid waste to Erinn.

I thought I could use my powers to change the enlighten others. Now I see the price of my naivete.


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 105

One of my comrades didn't make it. He asked me to protect his family. the time I got to his was too late.

I'm sorry, Mores.

Pg. 107

I have to write this down. It's too confusing. She said her name was...

Nao Mariota Pryderi.


(Some parts of the page are missing.)

Pg. 124

...inside the tent is silence. Soldiers sit in clusters near by the bonfire, blankly chewing their jerky. How easy it is to forget the smiles and energy that came before the battle.

Slowly... Very slowly, like chewing that tough meat... They lose their spirit. Was it overconfidence? Were they too sure of victory? Is that why this bothers them so?

Or did I ask too much of them? I wanted to help, by demonstrating what I've learned in my long years. I wanted to help them avoid the pain and sacrifice of battle.

I guess... No matter my powers, or my strength... The individual is simply not enough.

The blood dyes the land a horrible crimson. For what purpose does it fall?

I wanted to help. But again, I was deluded...mistaken. I joined the other thoughtless humans, spilled Fomor blood, and now we pay the price for it. What do you expect of us, Morrighan...?

I miss Bella so much tonight. But I must rest...for tomorrow's battle.


(Looks like someone tore this page.)
What a nightmare...

I remember it so clearly. The Milletians...they were all dead. Bella's hand.

This is war on the Milletians!


(There are no more pages.)

at the cost of your life.

- For the future -