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Shuan's Special Growth Package 5

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Inventory icon of Shuan's Special Growth Package 5

2 × 2
Stack: 100

A special package prepared by Shuan. Available upon reaching a cumulative level of 16,000.
Make sure you have plenty of room in your inventory before opening it.
Open to Receive:
Forgetful Potion x4, Talent Coupon x4, Any Pass Selection Box x3, Dungeon/SM/Baltane Elite Pass Selection Box x10, Skill Training Seal (100) (Not Tradable) x2, Royal Academy Crystal (Not Tradable) x10, Combat Quadruple EXP Potion (30 Min) x2, Golden Experience Fruit (500%) x7, Special Artifact (500%) x7, Renown Seal (250) Selection Box x5, Exquisite Reforging Tool (Not Tradable) x2, Special Gem Selection Box x10, Shuan's Special Growth Package 6
(Not tradable, but can be moved within your account)

Methods to Obtain


  • May only be opened by characters with a cumulative level of 16,000+.