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Shylock's Journal

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Shylock's Journal[1]
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Shylock's personal journal, containing details about his past. This might be able to explain his intense hatred of the nobility.

Obtain From Generation 15 "The Commoner" quest.
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- Shylock's Diary -

Month: O - The Third Samhain

Today was Sanhain, and I took Jessica out to the Moon Gate for some fishing. While Jessica waited for a bite, I had a lovely conversation with Leah. During our talk, she shared how busy she was the past couple months. Her hands used to be silky and smooth before our marriage, but now they have turned rough, like a farmer's. It always breaks my heart, having to see her go through all this because I provided so little. I must make my fortune, for her sake...

On the way home, I saw Jessica wearing a necklace with a large pearl. Though Leah told Jessica to leave it where she found it, I asked Leah to allow Jessica to keep it. Leah always worries too much. Jessica is already at the tender age of 15, but it pains me to see her without a single fine dress. As the man of the house, I feel responsible for our financial difficulties. Starting next Alban Eiler, I will work even harder. I have to start saving up for Jessica's wedding, too...

Month: O - The Fourth Alban Eiler

Unfortunately, it turns out the pearl necklace Jessica found the other day belonged to Lady Arranz, the missing wife of Vigorin. By chance, Antonio saw the necklace at school and returned it to Vigorin. Vigorin then came and took Jessica, saying he needed to ask her some things. It's late at night now, but Jessica still hasn't returned. Leah went to Vigorin's home, and was told that Jessica's to tired to return, so she'll stay the night. I hope nothing happened... Since Antonio promised to prove Jessica's innocence, I'm a little relieved. I really hope Vigorin is able to find his wife with the clues from that necklace.

Month: O - The Fourth Baltane

Jessica still hasn't returned...and there has been a grave misunderstanding. Vigorin claims that Jessica killed his wife and stole the pearl necklace from her. He had Jessica thrown in prison. Leah is furious with me, saying it's my fault for letting Jessica keep the necklace. She says such terrible things, like Leah...might die.

I must go see Vigorin early in the morning tomorrow, and settle this matter. A rumor is going around town that Lady Arranz fell for a merchant from Belvast, and they ran off together... I think Vigorin is the only person who thinks otherwise.

Month: O - The Fourth Heruin

I have't seen Jessica's face for 3 days now. I went to the castle, but all I was told was that she is an important suspect and that I can't see her. Leah and I were finally able to go see Vigorin, but he called us "dirty commoners" and "thieves", and threw us out. Leah's fallen ill from the stress. Jessica's trial is tomorrow. I helpless.

I don't understand how such things can happen. Perhaps Antonio's father might be able to do something. I must go see Antonio tomorrow.

Month: O - The Fourth Lughnasadh

I went to see Antonio early in the morning, but he told me that he is too busy to see me. I begged and pleaded, but the guards at his mansion told me that a commoner should know his place and chased me away.

Jessica was acquitted of murder, but Vigorin forced a conviction of theft. My sweet Jessica has been sentences to 10 lashes. After the trial, I saw Vigorin hand a big pouch of gold to a soldier. That soldier whipped my poor daughter harder than I have ever seen anyone whipped. Her clothes were torn, and her back... I took her directly to Agnes, and she said Jessica would live...but her back would always bear the scars.

Month: X - The First Alban Elved

Jessica's entire body is burning up. I called Agnes right away, and she told me that the wound is infected. Jessica's back has turned a terrible color, and is dripping with... Leah is still sick, but has risen from bed to tend to Jessica. I implored her not to, but she just ignores me now. This is a nightmare...

Month: X - The Second Lughnasadh

Jessica has died. My lies beneath the cold ground. Leah fell ill again. She looks so though she died along with our daughter. I don't want to be alone... Please, don't take them both...

Month: X - The Second Samhain

Leah and Jessica now lie side by side. I just stared out the window today. I hear Antonio laughing with his friends.

All will end tomorrow.