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Portrait of ShylockFile:Shylock.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Moneylender
Track Father Left Alone


The sharp angles of his cheekbones and chin, along with his slate blue eyes, give him an intimidating appearance. He winces in pain now and then, deepening the furrows and wrinkles of his forehead. With cold eyes, Shylock glares at you and speaks.

Shylock is a character from Merchant of Venice. He is a trading rival of Antonio.

Merchant of Venice

Price of Love

Antonio needs 30 million gold in order to help the poor Bassanio. However, his trading ships are away, so Antonio must rely on Shylock, his rival. Shylock agrees to give him a loan, but he must pay it back within three months. He then requests Antonio to meet him within Alby Dungeon.

Antonio and Bassanio meet Shylock within the depths of Alby Dungeon. As Antonio tries to reconsider their differences Shylock laughs this off and explains the condition: If Antoino fails to repay him at the specified date, he loses his heart. Despite Bassanio's protests, Antonio agrees, stating he will have thrice the amount of the loan long before the deadline. Bassanio attempts to draw his sword with his shaky hand, but is unable to. He takes the check and leaves.

The Commoner

Shylock states that Antonio's ships had mysteriously disappeared.

According to Hicca's Mom, Shylock's daughter, Jessica, and wife, Leah, had perished. Shylock blame this on self-centered nobles, such as Antonio. He then explains that he was once a vegetable merchant for Emain Macha, and despite being poor, was happy to raise a family. However, his family died and Shylock was left crippled, explaining that Antonio's words entrapped his daughter and was delivered to Vigorin, continuously blaming people like Videk and Antonio who sit idly by and let lives be destroyed. Shylock wanted revenge, and the nobles chided him for that, treating him at best and at worst, for being a commoner. In anger, he starts comparing the two. He says the nobles taught him to seek justice by himself rather than relying on others. Seemingly insane, he pulls out his Journal. Stating that Morrighan is heeding his words, if justice truly exists, all of Antonio's ships will sink, and he will take Antonio's heart and offer it to his deceased family.

According to Shylock's diary, Jessica found a necklace that belonged to Arranz. Antonio then saw the necklace and returned it to Vigorin. Afterwards, Vigorin took Jessica, claiming he needed to ask her things. The next morning, Vigorin claimed Jessica murdered Arranz and stole her necklace, placing her in prison. Days passed, and Shylock was unable to see his family since. To make matters worse, Leah had fallen ill. Feeling helpless, Shylock went to see Antonio, but he claimed to be too busy. Jessica was acquitted of murder, but Vigorin forced a conviction of theft, and sentenced her to 10 lashes. Jessica soon died days later due to her injuries, and Leah succumbed to the illness and died as well. Shylock stared out the window and heard Antonio and his friends laughing. "All will end tomorrow." concludes the tragedy.

Ghosts of the Past

The three months have passed, and with all of Antonio's ships sunk, he is bankrupt and therefore unable to repay the loan.

During the court session, Shylock explains that he created such a contract and the Milletian, as a witness, clarifies this. Admiral Owen, acting as judge, gives three days for Antonio to finalize his personal matters before Shylock can take his heart.

Shylock yells at Antonio about his deceased family, continuously blaming that Antonio is at fault. He states that his revenge will finally be over when Shylock receives his heart. He then mocks Antonio on how a commoner rose over a noble. Antonio tries to set aside their differences and states that revenge cannot bring back Jessica, but Shylock corrects him, saying that his daughter can come back to life. After the discussion, Shylock walks away.

Keep Enemies Closer

As Bassanio tries to convince Antonio to leave, Shylock soon appears with a Shire and states that the loan has been repaid and urges Antonio to leave, with no explanation whatsoever. Antonio heeds Shylocks words, mounts the Shire, and leaves with his friend. Shylock soon watches their ship leave from a distance.

Shylock's Contract

Shylock explains that after Vigorin died, he felt that he didn't know what he could do because only revenge was his meaning. He also explains that Antonio had done nothing wrong and therefore he was unable kill him, which is why he let him escape.

Mainstream Story


Shylock has authored a book:


  • Shakespeare's "Shylock" in Merchant of Venice is Jewish. Recently, this word has become a slur and is seen as antisemitic.