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Portrait of Slevin
Race Elf
Gender Female
Occupation Traveler
Location Commonwealth of Belvast
(East of the Lighthouse)
Unofficial art by Snaredwolf


Slevin is a traveler staying at Belvast Island to research the animals local to the area. She is near the Lighthouse in the Commonwealth of Belvast, overlooking the sea.


Collecting Sketches
How to Get Quest

Speak to Slevin and accept the request.

Briefing Please Sketch a Booby that is [color description].
Additional Information
  • Boobies are located southwest of the Commonwealth of Belvast, at Mykines Cliff.
  • While there are 3 distinct types of Boobys, all 3 types are labelled "Blue-footed Booby" when they appear in game, and sketches of all 3 types have the same identification when viewed in inventory.
  • To influence the type of enchant scroll you obtain from the quest, you need to identify the 3 types by their colors. When talking to Slevin:
    • For Melee-related Enchants, choose "Black-winged Booby," which has a white body and gray wings.
    • For Archer-related Enchants, choose "Black Booby," which has a black body and wings.
    • For Mage- and Alchemist-related Enchants, choose "Blue-winged Booby," which has a white body and blue wings.
  • Slevin also sells Sketch Papers, which you need in order to sketch.
  • This quest can only be done once per real-life day. It resets at 7:00 AM PST.
  • If you give this quest up after you have accepted it, you will not be able to get it again for the rest of the day.


Item Price (g)
Sketch Paper x12 60g

Slevin's Equipment



  • She is an atheist.