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Sketch Paper

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Inventory icon of Sketch Paper

1 × 1
Stack: 20

Paper for sketching. Right-click on this item from the Inventory to prepare for sketching. Once you are ready to sketch, you can choose between sketching an animal or landscape. Click on your selection and you will be given a sketch of the object from your visual perspective.
Once you complete a sketch, you will not be able to do another for 1 minute and 30 seconds, so please keep that in mind.

Used by the Sketch action to make sketches of monsters or artifacts in Iria.

  • Sketch Paper cannot be equipped and must be used from the inventory.
  • It can be used by activating the Sketch action or right clicking on the Sketch Paper in the inventory and selecting "Use."
  • Successful use of a Sketch Paper will produce exploration experience which, depending on the target, varies in amount.
  • They can be stacked, traded, mailed, dropped, stored on pets and stored in banks.
  • Resell Value is 2.5 g per Sketch Paper but NPCs round down for odd-numbered stacks.
  • Special-issue sketch paper, such as "Sketch Paper from Meriel", does not stack with normal Sketch Paper.

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Shop Locations

Who Where Cost
Alexina Qilla Base Camp 60 g (set of 12)
Hagel Filia
Krug Vales
Slevin Belvast Island
Maid -