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For the Homestead object, see Snowman (Homestead).

The Snowman is the decoration you can help build during the Christmas Event. It's created by gifting snowballs to the mound of snow (as it appears in the beginning) on the slope west of Vales. As more snowballs are added, the snowman "grows", and starts to take form. Forms:

  1. 2 lumps of snow
  2. A ball of snow
  3. A ball of snow, with a smaller ball on top (the base and body of the snowman)
  4. A ball of snow, a smaller ball on top, and an even smaller ball on top, with a face (the base, body, and head/face of the snowman)

At this point, if you click in the snowman, it states how it's in need of decorations. Gift it 1? (unconfirmed) Christmas Ornament, and then a hat, scarf, and buttons will be added on.