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St. Patrick's Day Event (2010)

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March 10th, 2012 - March 23rd, 2010


It’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Mabinogi!

Make your way to Alexina in Qilla Base camp. She mentions that there are some travelers in the Maiz Prairie in dire need of supplies. If you’ve got the time, she’ll ask you if you would mind delivering supplies to Dan O’Callaghan, Will Donnelly, and Matthew McLoughlin. Be sure you have the time! You will have to race to three separate Expeditionary Soldiers in Rano in a short amount of time. Time is of the essence, so make haste as you travel to each soldier then return to Alexina for a reward.

Each soldier will reward you with a special four leaf clover. This clover is used to enter a special dungeon where you will face off against an evil, greedy leprechaun!

Defeat this leprechaun for a chance at a special St. Patrick’s Day outfit! If you run out of clovers, you may return to each soldier and ask for more four-leaf clovers to continue your endeavors against the leprechaun.

Is luck just not on your side? You may visit the Mabinogi Cash shop and purchase an Event Reward Booster Potion for a better chance at getting that snazzy outfit!

We hope the luck of the Irish is on your side this St. Patrick's Day, as the event will conclude on March 23rd, so have fun![1]


  • When you log in you will receive a quest from Alexina.
  • Head to Qilla Base Camp and talk to her using the Expedition Supplies button on her character menu.
  • She will give you a timed quest (6 in-game hours, or 9 minutes real-time).
  • You must ride as fast as you can to all the marked places on the map of Maiz, and talk to the expeditionary soldiers there (Dan O'Callaghan, Will Donnelly and Matthew McLoughlin). Each of them will give you Lucky Four-Leaf Clovers.
  • Report back to Alexina in time and you will receive a Mini Leprechaun Hat and Lucky Four-Leaf Clover.
    • After this, you can obtain more clovers by talking to the npcs every 3 in-game hours. The reset happens at exactly 3, 6, 9 and 12 o' clock am and pm every Erinn day.
      • Will Donnelly (north, second one in the quest) always gives 5 clovers. The other two always give 2 clovers.
  • The Lucky Four-Leaf Clover is used to enter the Special Four Leaf Clover Dungeon version of Rabbie Dungeon.
    • The dungeon is a special version, where a Leprechaun is the boss. It is only 1 floor, and has at least 2 herb rooms.
    • The Leprechaun provides a Gather dialogue when he is knocked down, but it does not appear to do anything during this event.
  • The Lucky Four-Leaf Clovers cannot be mailed, deposited into bank accounts or placed on pets.


Alexina's Request

How to Get Quest

Log on during event.

Briefing I have an urgent request for you on behalf of the Expeditionary Force. -Alexina-
  • Talk to Alexina about the Expeditionary Force Supplies.
  • 2100 Experience Points

Deliver the Supplies to the Expeditionary Force

How to Get Quest

Talk to Alexina about Expeditionary Supplies

Briefing Please deliver this Lucky Potion to the Expeditionary Force -Alexina-
Additional Information

Each of the soldiers also gives you Lucky Four-Leaf Clovers (a different item from the Four-Leaf Clover). Upon returning to Alexina, you receive the Mini Leprechaun Hat, as well as, 1 more Lucky Four-Leaf Clover.

Rabbie Four-Leaf Clover Dungeon's End Chest Rewards