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Step by Step Event (2023)

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Step by Step Event (2023)
July 27th, 2023 - August 24th, 2023


Help these adorable mini-pets overcome their fears and take them for loving strolls through the world of Erinn! Keep them company and they'll reward you with brand-new Whistles! Check out the details below. [1]


  • During the event, you will receive the guide quest, "[Guide] Lamilla’s Request".
  • Talk to Lamilla in Tir Chonaill by the Adelia stream.
    • You will receive an Orange Wings of a Goddess (Tir Chonaill) that you can use to go to the event area.
      • ALL characters on the account will be given the "Orange Wings of a Goddess (Tir Chonaill)" AND it is not removed after selecting a main event character.
  • Register a main character with Lamilla.
  • You can only register one character per account.
  • You will receive the following rewards after completing [Guide] Lamilla’s Request:

Daily Quest - Step by Step

  • Talk to one of the pets near Lamilla to take it out on a walk that day.
    • You can only walk one pet per day.
  • You will receive a Mini-Gem of the pet you decide to walk. Right click and “Summon” the pet to take it out with you on a walk!
  • Keep the pet summoned for 10 minutes to complete the quest objective. Then, talk to the pet again near Lamilla.
  • Once completed, you will earn the following rewards:
  • The daily quest resets every day at 7:00am PST100.

Completion Quest - Step towards Recovery

  • Talk to Lamilla about taking each of the pets out for a daily walk.
    • Lamilla will reward you Roamin' Coin x50 for completing the first objective.
  • To complete the remaining quest objectives, complete the daily quest "Step by Step" a total of 5 times for each of the pets. You can walk the pets in any order.
  • The available pets are:
    • Heartbroken Spotted Deer
    • Depressed White Poodle
    • Wary Siamese Cat
    • Aggressive Brown Fox
  • To walk all the pets, you would need to complete the daily quest a total of 20 times (5 times for each of the four pets).
  • You will earn the following rewards after walking a pet 5 times:
Walk the pet
(5 times)
Spotted Deer White Poodle Siamese Cat Brown Fox
Rewards Arena Coin - White 2.png
Roamin' Coin
(Quantity: 50)
Mini Spotted Deer Mini-Gem.png
Mini Spotted Deer Mini-Gem New!
Mini White Poodle Mini-Gem.png
Mini White Poodle Mini-Gem New!
Mini Siamese Cat Mini-Gem.png
Mini Siamese Cat Mini-Gem New!
Mini Brown Fox Mini-Gem.png
Mini Brown Fox Mini-Gem New!
Red Pet Whistle.png
Spirit of Tuan (30 Days) Whistle
Cutie Sheep Whistle.png
Cutie Sheep (30 Days) Whistle
Master Pet Whistle.png
Lemongrass Flora (30 Days) Whistle
Pet Whistle - Silver.png
Bone Dragon (30 Days) Whistle
  • Once you have completed the completion quest, you will earn the following rewards:
  • 10,000 EXP
  • 3,000 Gold
  • Roamin' Coin x50
  • Faithful Guardian 2nd Title Coupon New!
    • Luck +30
  • After completing the quest, you can still receive the daily quest to walk the pets.

Weekend Adventures

  • The pets love to be visited, especially on the weekends! Log in every weekend for a special reward.
  • Log in every Saturday and Sunday, for a total of 8 logins.
  • On the 8th 6th and final login, you will automatically receive a special title:


  • At times during the event, ALL characters on the account were awarded Roamin' Coin x10 for logging in instead of the selected Main Character.
    • It is unknown as to why this occurred, as these characters cannot spend the Roamin' Coins or bank them.
  • The event registered main character receives Roamin' Coin x10 on every event weekend day login.
  • The "Animal Lover" title is given as the Animal Lover Title Coupon New!.
    • It was given on the 6th weekend login, instead of the 8th which was specified.

Lamilla's Coin Shop

Lamilla's Shop (2023).
Item Name Notes Arena Coin - White 2.png
Cost (Roamin' Coins)
Comprehensive Recovery 1500 Potion (Not tradable) Expires 15 Days 10
Physical Power Potion (1 Hour) Expires 15 Days 15
Magic Power Potion (1 Hour) Expires 15 Days 15
Pet Age Potion - Age 1 Expires 15 Days 20
Pet Age Potion - Age 2 Expires 15 Days 20
Pet Age Potion - Age 3 Expires 15 Days 20
Pet Age Potion - Age 4 Expires 15 Days 20
Pet Age Potion - Age 5 Expires 15 Days 20
Lamilla's Gift Box New! - 25
Dark Russian Blue Whistle (Silver) New! Inventory Size: 5x8 (40) 30
Direct Pet Dye Ampoule Expires 15 Days 30
Pet Golden Experience Fruit (500%) Expires 15 Days 45
Mini White Poodle Whistle New! Inventory Size: 4x7 (28) 50
Mini Siamese Cat Whistle New! Inventory Size: 6x7 (42) 50
Mini Spotted Deer Whistle New! Inventory Size: 6x7 (42) 50
Mini Brown Fox Whistle New! Inventory Size: 5x5 (25) 50
Pet Expedition Venture Contract Box New! Purchasable once a Week 50
Pet EXP Potion (1 Hour) Expires 15 Days 60
DIY Pet Dye Mold - 75
Milky Way Ice Dragon Whistle Inventory Size: 6x10 (60) 85
Cranky Sheep Whistle Inventory Size: 10x8 (80) 100
Faithful Guardian 2nd Title Coupon New! Luck +30 150
Pet Rebirth Potion (Event) - 150
Animal Lover's Sofa New! (Chair) 150
Fluffy Puppy Fur Cap New! (Headgear) 200
Mischievous Cat Helm New! (Headgear) 200
Pet Adoption Medal Expires 15 Days 300

Lamilla's Gift Box Items

Fluffy Puppy Fur Cap
Mischievous Cat Helm
Animal Lover's Sofa
Mini White Poodle Whistle
Mini Siamese Cat Whistle
Mini Spotted Deer Whistle
Mini Brown Fox Whistle
Randomly one of the following:

Event Quests

[Guide] Lamilla's Request

How to Get Quest

Log in during the Step by Step Event (2023).

Briefing I'm looking for someone who's interested in taking a deserving pet out for a walk. Might that be you?
- Lamilla
  • Talk to Lamilla and select your Main Character
Additional Information

Visit Lamilla in Tir Chonaill and select your Main Character.

[Event] Steps Toward Recovery

How to Get Quest

Register a character for the Step by Step Event (2023).

Briefing These poor animals are depressed, but I think going for a walk will help get their minds off the bad stuff. That's why I need your help to take them for a walk every day.
  • Talk to Lamilla (Reward: Roamin' Coin x50)
  • Walk the first pet (5 times)
  • Walk the second pet (5 times)
  • Walk the third pet (5 times)
  • Walk the fourth pet (5 times)
  • Talk to Lamilla
  • 10000 Experience Points
  • 3000 Gold

Once you have completed the quest, you will also earn the following rewards:

Daily Quests

[Event] Step by Step

How to Get Quest

Register a character for the Step by Step Event (2023).

Briefing Choose a pet and take it out for a walk
  • Talk to the pet to take it out for a walk
  • Walk for 10 minutes with the pet you selected
  • Talk to the pet you walked with
Additional Information

Activate the selected pet's Mini-Gem for at least 10 minutes

  • Talk to one of the pet NPCs near Lamilla to start the quest. You will be given the respective pet's Event Mini-Gem:
  • Summon the Event Mini-Gem for at least 10 minutes.
  • Talk to the respective pet NPC near Lamilla to finish the quest.
    • The Event Mini-Gem will be removed from your inventory.
  • NOTE: Upon choosing a pet, you will be required to complete 5 daily walks with the same pet before switching to a different one.