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Tir Chonaill

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An overview of Tir Chonaill.

Description and Geography

Map of Tir Chonaill.

The town village where all newcomers first arrive.

Tir Chonaill is a small hillside town located in northeast Uladh, It is home to the descendents of the Partholons, founders of the Uladh kingdom. The villagers of this scenic town are a small, self-sufficient and independent group of farmers and ranchers raising crops and cattle. The residents of Tir Chonaill prefer peace and isolation, content with little exposure to the massive world of Erinn. However, those with a more adventurous spirit can further venture beyond Tir Chonaill to Dunbarton through the Dugald Aisle...[1]

Commerce Tir Chonaill Icon.png Tir Chonaill is a village situated in northeastern basin surrounded by low mountains. Establishment of the settlement dates back historically to descendants of Partholoneons, who originally founded the Kingdom of Ulaid.

Precipitation is high due to obstruction of a clear flow of moist air in face of Mourne Mountains. Climate is comparable to similar settlements in high altitudes.

While wheat and barley plantations are notably conspicuous, cool weather and regular rainfall have stunted the growth of agriculture. Instead, management of livestock keeps the town's infrastructure afloat.

Since granted limited sovereignty by the kingdom, Tir Chonaill has been led by town chiefs. According to Dilys and Duncan, Tir Chonaill is actually not under the control of the Kingdom of Aliech.

Dugald Aisle offers the only route to the outside world, and due to the steep acclivity of the terrain, little traffic exists in and out of the town. Thus, the village has naturally developed to be largely self-sufficient.


  • Adelia Stream, from which most of the townspeople derive their drinking water, flows downwards from melting glaciers and snow from the Moonhide Valleys.
  • The Graveyard, which was built for the victims of the Fomorian Raids that regularly descended upon Tir Chonaill in the past. It has since been overran with spiders.[2][3]
  • The Eastern fields, where fierce animals appear frequently.
  • The Farmlands, where most of the village's crops are grown.
  • The Windmill, regulated by Alissa, allows players to grind crops into flour.
  • The Southern fields, where wolves appear. Dogs defending sheep can frequently be seen there.
  • The Pastures, located at the east, allow sheep to graze.
  • The Old Ruin, alongside the northern path, is a mysterious artifact that has ties to Avon.


  • A legend envelopes the stream; the name 'Adelia' purportedly finds its origin in a story of a priestess who lost her life in a strife between Fomors and residents of Tir Chonaill, and in recognition of her bravery, the stream was named after her.
    • For some reason, the events surrounding this case were obfuscated, the exact details of the event being unknown to the common populace.

Areas of interest


Animal/Crop/Monster Source
Resource Obtained From Location
Wool.png Wool Sheep South Tir, Pasture
Egg.png Egg Hen Church, Pasture
Cobweb.png Cobweb Spiders
(automatic production)
Tir Chonaill Graveyard
Barley.png Barley Harvesting Fields (Farmland)
Wheat.png Wheat Harvesting Fields (Farmland)
Resource Obtained From Location
Berry.png Berry
Branches.png Branches
Berry Shrub Town Square
Apple.png Apple Apple Tree Eastern Tir Chonaill
Resource Obtained From Location
Water.png Water Adelia Stream Near Blacksmith House, Fishing Docks
Large Nail.png Large Nail
Small Gem.png Small Gem
Small Green Gem.png Small Blue Gem.png Small Red Gem.png Colored Small Gems
Hitting man-made objects Pathways
Base Herb.png Base Herb Base Herb Patch Eastern Tir Chonaill



  • Blacksmith
  • General Shop
  • School
  • Church
  • Grocery Store
  • Healer's House
  • Tutorial Quest Board
  • Housing Board
  • Trading Post

Fishing List

  • The stream and pond share the same items, but have different item rarity.


Areas Connected


*This track was used in the Alpha build of the game, in a location that later became Dugald Aisle.

Track Title
The Dance of Leaves
The Dance of Leaves
(Korean Orchestra Version)
Where the Starlight Falls
Tir Chonaill Graveyard*

Local NPCs


  • The Practice Scarecrows that can be found near Ranald will give skill training for basic requirements that do not require Combat Power. These include the early ranks of skills such as Combat Mastery, Magic Weapon Mastery, and Axe Mastery.
    • Hitting the Scarecrows will reveal dialogue. See here for a list.
  • The tall grass fields in Tir Chonaill Graveyard used to immediately show up.
    • This was changed in order to give players more visibility to the grassy area.
  • A Moon Gate was originally in the Old Ruin's place.



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